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  1. Ace123

    I agree with @Cjbear
  2. Ace123

    You've added hard work and dedicated a lot for Dreamscape especially on the forum. @Englog, congratulations as Forum Administrator. Regards. Ace123
  3. Ace123

    Hello, Cam. Welcome to #DSGANG.
  4. Ace123

    Hello, verloren. When I check the screenshots of your bank & payouts, it's obvious that you are well known in the dice zone world and like @Ninja said your bank is on a another level. Vouch
  5. Ace123

    Hello, Hunterr. Welcome to Dreamscape, Happy to see you here! If you ever need help let me know, you can contact me via discord/in-game/forum. I hope you enjoy your time in Dreamscape.
  6. Man, where should I begin? These past months you guys been updating us with awesome and spectacular stuff, the staff team has worked hard and dedicated a lot so we #DSGANG can have fun in the best custom server. This is the reason why Dreamscape is top #1 best Runescape private server. Keep going with the awesome work! #DSGANG appreciates it.
  7. Ace123

    I agree with @MrGainz
  8. Ace123

    I must agree with @Rangers, You try always to help people whenever you can and we can see that you take this role seriously! We all are proud @Ninja.
  9. Ace123

    Welcome to the #DSGANG, I'm sure that you will love it once you join the client! As a new member, I strongly suggest you check this guide this will help you a lot!
  10. Ace123

    I agree with @King Paimon, I wish all the applicants good luck! Regards. Ace
  11. One picture per person. When you rate someones picture you gotta add a own picture on that reply.
  12. Ace123

    I 100% Vouch For changing the text color code on cc, it's very hard for me to see the chat when someone needs help. This would make it easier to see the help cc when someone needs help.
  13. Ace123

    Vouch I agree with @hc uchiwa the current items on the store is worth 10 dscoins.
  14. Ace123

    Goodluck mate!
  15. Ace123

    Bodhi, Amazing work! Keep up with the awesome work you do for Dreamscape!