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  1. All the events were great! Cant wait for the mext week of events!
  2. until

    The event went snoothly, Hope they go as smooth as this in the future as well
  3. All of theese events were fun, unfortunately i didint get to participate in all of em, hopefully next week i will
  4. until

    Only made it to round 2, oh well maybe ill do better next time :), tyvm for hosting
  5. Havent played in a while but the updates are still looking sick!
  6. IGN: Maxasv2 Timezone: Eastern European Summer Time
  7. IGN: Maxasv2 Timezone: Eastern European Summer Time
  8. Maxas


    I have been here for a long time and I have decided it's my time to quit I hope yall the best of luck.
  9. Thank you for hosting this event gz to all other winners!
  10. IGN: Maxasv2 hope yall good luck
  11. Maxas


    Welcome to the game hope your ironman has good rng :))
  12. In-Game Name: Maxasv2 Real Name/Nickname: Max In-game play time (Picture): https://gyazo.com/98ebee73e402b7e93a7f6de2e655fb89 Age: 16 Time Zone: EET Boss logs (Picture): https://gyazo.com/95d79608c4a8f8b942feb1998bf3f5b9, https://gyazo.com/fdb42568adabd4d98af7cb0573da6172, https://gyazo.com/225d6e5044e194a3b4af462401eb473a Why do you think you should be a part of The Plantation?: I have been out of action in DS for quite a long time but i want to get back at it and try something new Do you Accept the Tos? (What is Rule #6? (Also say Yes or No at the end of
  13. A really hard riddle, who ever cracks it first wins
  14. Once Upon A Time, near Port Phasmatys, came someone new to live in the abadoned town, his name was Wizard Grayzag. He was a very unique wizard only becouse of his legendary staff named 'Soulflare', but he saw adventurers come to kill him for his legendary weapon, but the wizard had a trick up his sleeve. He was a very wise wizard so he knew some tricks that nobody could beat and that is he learned to clone himself by the power of the true soulflare, the clones have soulflares but they are far weaker than the original one, some people say that the true wizard is roaming around making new clones
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