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  1. Maxas

    Really well done video just a tip for next time cut off the music so there is no black screen at the end K3
  2. Maxas

    IGN: Maxasv2 Timezone: Eastern European Summer Time
  3. Maxas

    IGN: Maxasv2 Timezone: Eastern European Summer Time
  4. Maxas

    I have been here for a long time and I have decided it's my time to quit I hope yall the best of luck.
  5. Maxas

    Thank you for hosting this event gz to all other winners!
  6. Maxas

    ApplicationForum Username: Maxas Rank Requesting: Veteran Amount of Months since user joined Forums: 2 years Screenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation:
  7. Yes i know i need to collect more keys but it will take me forever, well atleast i will try
  8. Big thanks to Smudger1300 for donating some keys!
  9. Maxas

    Feel free to reply with a suggestion for the next video!
  10. I hope you have enhoyed the video and feel free to give any suggestions for next one's