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  1. Rangers

    Congrats bud, well deserved spot !
  2. Awesome updates as always, really dope customs as well !
  3. Rangers

    Username: Rangers Total In-Game Time: 10 Days and 23 Hours Timezone: Eastern Payouts (Screenshots): https://gyazo.com/a1cb14288ea0c5e085d68129a117e923 https://gyazo.com/7a5217fa5c93c0d1bdffe53ba34f7b59 https://gyazo.com/cffba5a5c611e4eb775b0d4a99a52e55 https://gyazo.com/d8f4ec3cd1d1382a8df26d544b1da352 https://gyazo.com/776330182661cff2b007fb1dfaa2f2d0 https://gyazo.com/f55bbf9984a254cbc9c9110d3c4f3103 https://gyazo.com/b17847dcd1b3b39c9f59363e85de38b2 https://gyazo.com/77c36a44281e9d266f62958604112164 Bank (Screenshots): https://gyazo.com/7bcfb100d9d9b80b1b4e81f8f1e8046b Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host: Out of the 200+ hours I've invested into this server, I'd say a solid 75% of them are spent at the dicezone. Gambling is the activity I enjoy the most and focus the majority of my time on. I feel like I'm pretty well known in the gambling community on Dream-Scape due to how frequently I'm there and interacting with others. I feel like I'd have a good impact becoming a Trusted Host because later on at night ( in my timezone atleast ) there's usually no staff online nor TD's, people usually have to ask on a yell a couple times for a Platinum Partner to come and MM and we all know that's a hassle. I feel with my activity and love for the game I'll be helping the gambling community and definitely making a positive impact on the server. If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation: I would separate both players and try to have them speak to me in private, trying to de-escalate the situation as much as possible. I'd ask for rundown of what happened and of course if there's any proof of the event. Seeing how in this situation there's no video proof of the event, the situation is mostly out of my hands. I'd recommend to him for in the future to always record his gambles because you never know what will happen, also redirect him to the rules just so he can get more familiar with them and how they work and I'll go the extra step of recommending a free and easy to use video software. I'd also try to see if I can get in contact with staff about trade and chat logs of the event, but there's no guarantees there of any hopeful outcome. In the future I will be more vigilant of said "scammer" too just to make sure no funny busy is happening.
  4. LMAO glad ur enjoying it so much
  5. Rangers

    Ooh massive savings right there, definitely gotta get in on this.
  6. Rangers

    Awesome updates, great job with the teleports for home cause walking took a while. Hopefully dicezone gets a expanded a little as it's a little cramped at the moment, other than that good job ! ( Nice custom btw Steroids )
  7. Rangers

    Just wanna say good job Ninja with the new helper position, you've been killing it helping everyone on the help cc and in yell. Also been super active, keep it up bud !
  8. Rangers

    Had this signature made for me a while ago on Near-Reality, thought it was pretty dope ! Looking forward to maybe getting back into graphics, although I wasn't anywhere this good.
  9. Rangers

    Welcome bud, hopefully you love the server !
  10. Rangers

    I think Gainz makes a valid point and has good judgement. You’re not a bad guy in any way but sometimes you do say things that sound a little immature or toxic, so I’d definitely say just improve on that in general and have an overall healthier attitude towards everyone, I’m going to leave a vouch.
  11. Rangers

    One of the best, if not the best guide for this game. Excellently written bud, I know it helped me a lot.
  12. Rangers

    100% vouch for this suggestion, thought I was the only one who felt this way but glad to see I’m not. An increase in size with a different tile color scheme would be amazing.
  13. Rangers

    Good luck to everyone applying , I know without the wiki it would’ve certainly taken me a lot longer to understand things in game and I would’ve been bothering staff members a whole lot more .
  14. Rangers

    Vouch, executive zone definitely needs a revamp.