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  1. Rangers

    Nice loot man, should show us the loot from all those boxes if you don’t sell them
  2. Rangers

    Awesome guide buddy, I know a lot of people have been requesting this !
  3. Rangers

    Ooh congrats bud, definitely extremely well deserved. I know you’ll fill the positions well.
  4. Rangers

    Congrats buddy ! Well deserved, expecting to see a lot from you and hopefully reviving the forums a little bit !
  5. Rangers

    Congrats bud, well deserved spot !
  6. Awesome updates as always, really dope customs as well !
  7. LMAO glad ur enjoying it so much
  8. Rangers

    Ooh massive savings right there, definitely gotta get in on this.
  9. Rangers

    Awesome updates, great job with the teleports for home cause walking took a while. Hopefully dicezone gets a expanded a little as it's a little cramped at the moment, other than that good job ! ( Nice custom btw Steroids )
  10. Rangers

    Just wanna say good job Ninja with the new helper position, you've been killing it helping everyone on the help cc and in yell. Also been super active, keep it up bud !
  11. Rangers

    Had this signature made for me a while ago on Near-Reality, thought it was pretty dope ! Looking forward to maybe getting back into graphics, although I wasn't anywhere this good.
  12. Rangers

    Welcome bud, hopefully you love the server !
  13. Rangers

    One of the best, if not the best guide for this game. Excellently written bud, I know it helped me a lot.
  14. Rangers

    100% vouch for this suggestion, thought I was the only one who felt this way but glad to see I’m not. An increase in size with a different tile color scheme would be amazing.

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