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  1. HoneyVanilla

    You could call in just a general interface update. 1.) The scrolling bars on many interfaces are linked together, basically, and it makes navigating things like ::prices search, monster/bosses tps, or POS item search a pain in the rear. -I am not sure how much time ive spent trying to figure out why I cannot find items in the POS search. It occurred to me that the scrolling bar's position carries over during searches, so you will have an item on the top of the list not appear, unless you go back to the bar and reset it to its starting position. It was over a year before I figured out why exactly my market searches were not appearing. The more you narrow the search the less options there are, and if you are scrolled halfway down the search list while still typing, less and less items appear as you complete your inquiry. By the time you have finished typing say "aqua spirit shi-," all options will disappear unless bar was put back to the start of the list. 2.) I find it fairly difficult to navigate in to my own POS to list items. A button on the POS main page would make it easy to open your own personal shop. (I realize I can just right click and open it from the NPC, but if my POS prompt is already up then I have to exit that and then I can right click and etc.) Its just an extra step that would be remedied with one simple button. You could probably link the button (which would ideally be in the POS interface itself) to the NPC's "open pos" button, that way you can just open POS instantly without the extra step. 3.)Alphabetical order on Soul Chest and things like boss or monster menu's would also take some hassle away. I bet ive wasted a week of my life trying to find the needle in a haystack the particular option im looking for is, in those menus. As an aside I think it would be prudent to have some ::command or portal for access to each respective corner of the new ::home. It is uncomfortably large. I suggest "::shops" to take you to east of ::home or something similar.
  2. HoneyVanilla

    Ayyyy very nice!