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  1. Goten

    The 100m tickets are completely useless and need to be removed. I do not vouch on this idea
  2. Goten

    Looking forward to the future improvement of DS. PS Ty for free monies
  3. Goten No space soz :C Trying to go with christmas theme as well
  4. Goten

    IGN: Goten Inspiration: Thinking of Christmas colours. Was not able to obtain red boxing gloves which would have boosted my outfit rating :((
  5. Goten

    Nice to meet you 😄 Hopefully we can get along and chat some time!
  6. Goten

    we'll get there eventually 410
  7. Goten

    Hmmm I too believe that these bosses are quite useless however, these are for starter players to kill. I think it would be more beneficial to increase the drop rates rather than anything else. Adding drop rate percentages on weapons is too big of a move. I highly doubt players will use the weapons dropped by the weapons even if there was a DR/DDR bonus as it does not compensate for how bad the stats are on these weapons. You're better off using an ice katana even if the flame katana had 10% DR. IMO I would see sponsor+ users using the weapon as they would benefit the most from it despite being intended to cater towards newer players since they can just 1 hit everything. Not many weapons have % DR either. I do believe some bosses are completely usesless though however, I think its better to keep them rather than remove them for the aesthetics part of the server.
  8. Goten

    Drax always got the best deals 🤤🤤
  9. Hey everyone! I go by the name Goten now but you may know me as Shimron or God Goku. I have finally returned after my long hiatus! This is quite the late introduction however, better late than never right? 😄 About me: I'm an OG DreamScape player and have been on and off for the past 3-4 years. A former Helper and Global Moderator. I like anime and in particular the Dragon Ball series if you didn't know already. I'm currently 19 years of age and am currently a university student, or college as you Americans like to call it. I'm really into sports and my favorite is Basketball. Diehard Lakers fan btw. I'm talkative and a fun person who loves interacting and getting to know new people however, I do tend to get quite shy and intimidated when faced with a large group of people in the discord chat so I prefer not joining. Will try to gain more confidence though as I love the conversations and interactions going on. Not sure what else to say really but I'm really glad to see that the server is still alive and running even after several years! Props to the staff on that one! I'm looking forward to making new friends and interacting with as many people as possible! If you ever need help or just want to chat with me about literally anything HMU! Thanks! Goten
  10. Shimron > God Goku > Goten

    Could tell Feeds was getting quite annoyed at me for not understanding instructions though haha. Much thanks tho.

    What do youse think about my new name?

  11. Goten

    Fairly easy to fill out but gets quite repetitive xD. Nevertheless I think this is great for the server and community. Thank you for your efforts!
  12. Goten

  13. Placed my vote, you're all awesome. GL