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  1. Rather than removing pets from certain places besides revs, why not just have an option to hide them altogether? If possible of course
  2. good luck! im also going to try and get exec rank 😄
  3. Hell yeah! Thanks for hosting the event! xo
  4. I agree that prestiging really does need a complete revamp. Would also be beneficial as it gives players something to grind towards something Stat boost would make sense as you progress through prestiges Prestige shop also needs to be revamped. I'm unsure if this is already implemented in the game however, if prestige shop does get revamped there needs to be a way to reset so you can keep gaining points. You can also make prestiging a new way for players to make money. Don't think it will hurt eco too much as it prestiging is already be a grind in itsel
  5. https://imgur.com/a/MxHx0kF No space soz :C Trying to go with christmas theme as well
  6. IGN: Goten Inspiration: Thinking of Christmas colours. Was not able to obtain red boxing gloves which would have boosted my outfit rating :(( Outfit 2: Hypebeast santa Basket of eggs to represent him giving designer brand clothing
  7. Nice to meet you ? Hopefully we can get along and chat some time!
  8. Hey everyone! I go by the name Goten now but you may know me as Shimron or God Goku. I have finally returned after my long hiatus! This is quite the late introduction however, better late than never right? ? About me: I'm an OG DreamScape player and have been on and off for the past 3-4 years. A former Helper and Global Moderator. I like anime and in particular the Dragon Ball series if you didn't know already. I'm currently 19 years of age and am currently a university student, or college as you Americans like to call it. I'm really into sports
  9. Shimron > God Goku > Goten

    Could tell Feeds was getting quite annoyed at me for not understanding instructions though haha. Much thanks tho.

    What do youse think about my new name?

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