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  1. cool update and all but ……. no head?
  2. verloren

    welcome back broski
  3. ing ; verloren ing ; Nerlorev ALSO Im registering CTS ( EXECUTIVE RANK) he's having issues with making a forums account
  4. DAY 1/21 COMPLETED (UPDATED DAILY!) Why? Gambling consumes 90% of the content for me so I'm forcing myself to see how much I can make by pvming and doing events. Hopefully I'll respect my hard-earned money and not be a degenerate When? Starting as of 8/28th/2019 ending 09/17th/2019 I've transferred all my items to my secondary account. My bank started like this (kept untradeables) Gear setup (Updated) DAY 1 BANK PICTURE & CENTURION BOX OPENINGS Note: I sold about 30M in items X SOLD FOR 9 2K19'S (Goal was to get Space Boxing Gloves from them and I Did!) X SOLD FOR 400M TO BEESCURT (TD DIBBS) DAY 2 BANK PICTURE & CENTURION BOX OPENINGS DAY 3 BANK PICTURE & CENTURION BOX OPENINGS
  5. ing : verloren cant wait to oak these pretty bois

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