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  1. Clawwreckage

  2. Clawwreckage

    Thank you so much guys! Jinx Star Guardian coming soon ;D
  3. Clawwreckage

    ❤️ thank you bud!!
  4. Clawwreckage

    Appreciate it!!!!
  5. Clawwreckage

    File was a bit too big 😞
  6. Clawwreckage

  7. Clawwreckage

    Thank you!! I will be starting Star Guardian Jinx next actually, requested by someone from forums here ;D
  8. Clawwreckage

    Actually im nursing major haha, art is my side hobby 😄
  9. Clawwreckage

    thanks guys!!!
  10. Clawwreckage

    ❤️ thank you as always!!
  11. Clawwreckage

    thank you so much guys!! I will def keep you all posted and add zed to list 😄
  12. Clawwreckage

    Sure! I will draw them all over time 😄 going to take a few months considering im in middle of school and dont focus drawing a lot a lot! But be on the lookout 😄
  13. Clawwreckage

    will add him in list for sure! Currently In middle of high noon ashe, doing a full page this time 😄
  14. Clawwreckage

    Thank you!! haha I can def add jinx to my list if you want! Any specific skin?? Or the one you have in the text 😄

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