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  1. omgg those customs :O:O love them!! Super good Deals aswel!! Well done !@!@ K3K3K3
  2. Hc Meh

    welcome man! goodluck grinding and having fun! 😄
  3. Hc Meh

    i have a other suggestion with this suggestion. something like that u need a surtain lvl requirement to equip a item at the later lvls like a new weapon that will require prestige 1 lvl 125 to equip or something none the less i like this suggestion!
  4. this is such a good update ! i really love it ! thank you for the update
  5. very well put together! good job!
  6. Hc Meh

    i like this guide. as a new player its hard to make money and this is well organized and good easy to read! well done!
  7. Hc Meh

    I love the idea man! Then maybe more people start playing iron man and more people see the fun in it! Good idea!
  8. until

    goodluck all! 😄
  9. completed! goodluck all
  10. until

  11. until

    Lets gooo
  12. Hc Meh

    I like the idea of taking the untradeble items such as BFG9000 Mainhand (i) out of the pos.
  13. Hc Meh


    Goodluck everyone!!K3K3
  14. Hc Meh

    Ur talking about a Superior? I think that is a good idea for players that are doing slayer! Good idea
  15. Hc Meh

    keep it going man! love to see what u do to make money man! good luck!! K3

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