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  1. Amfisca

    Yooo, I live close by haha. Non smoker though.
  2. Amfisca

    Vouch Sam will also be a great addition to the team! 😄
  3. Amfisca

    Vouch I'm sure Ace123 will bring value to the team!
  4. Amfisca

    Reeee, looks good! 😄
  5. This one looks juicy as well. 😄
  6. Amfisca


    Hi, welcome back! If you need any help, just send me a PM.
  7. Amfisca

    Neutral I believe it should be possible without customs but I don't think the time it takes to kill the waves is relevant. It is endgame tier content after all.
  8. Amfisca

    Neutral I don't mind custom donations being included in bonds. It seems kinda weird though that a lot of Platinum Partners were seen buying out literally every bond available, which could mean that it was already discussed that this would be possible in the future. Getting big donations is part of getting customs, and to make it easier, most of the time you are allowed to cut up the donations in a few smaller parts.
  9. Sick work CJ! Thanks for the hard work! Edit: worst update ever for me personally, my dmg has been nerfed by 45 percent through elo update.
  10. Amfisca

    Recently I got cleaned by CTS ...
  11. Amfisca

    Great event Jason, I hope development team will be able to do something with community feedback.
  12. Amfisca

    No vouch Great guy, I've seen you come to dicezone quite often to gamble, awesome having you around. Unfortunately lately I haven't seen you online (might be because of different hours) and also you don't have the necessary requirements. I'm sure I would change my mind if I saw you post a better application.
  13. Amfisca

    You go @The dibber!!! Proud to have a team member win this! 😄
  14. Amfisca

    Woot I'm a winner! 😄
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