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  1. Amfisca

    Update time! Thanks for the awesome support guys, I love it! I got my 20th box of wisdom today at 7800KC:
  2. Amfisca

    Bodhi, legend! Great to have you back man! Let's reeeeee together in Battlegrounds soon!
  3. Amfisca

    I'm also going to have to give a no vouch for this suggestion. I wouldn't want to lose my name even if I took a 1 year break. Maybe you can ask staff is they can make an exception if the name you are looking for has just been used for logging in once or twice in several years?
  4. Amfisca

    Thanks man, I really appreciate the support A LOT!
  5. Amfisca

    Time to update, 7000KC!
  6. Amfisca

    Hey Canada, we didn't know each other that well since I'm a relatively new player, but I've heard what you've done for the game and we really appreciate everything you did. Hope your studies and personal life succeeds and I'm sure we might still hear from you every now and then. A big thank you from me (and probably every dreamer who needed to look up the stuff you wrote)!
  7. Amfisca

    Hey man! Hope you enjoy the game again. If you need any help going through all the updates, pm me in discord or in game.
  8. Amfisca

    Vouch, a revamp would be nice.
  9. Amfisca

    No vouch from me for exactly the same reason Cj gave.
  10. Amfisca

    Update! 6000KC Executive Raids done! I always try to upgrade American items and finally succeeded!
  11. IGN: amfisca Let's do this! I love these events guys.
  12. Amfisca

    I'd love to get there @Bodhi! Today I didn't do many kills but I've reached 5500KC Executive Raids and back to back yix amulets! Also a sweet wisdom box to top it off
  13. Wow, what a great idea! Looking forward to this A LOT! Thanks CJ! I'm in. IGN: Amfisca
  14. Amfisca

    Go Drax! Very nice to see you keep updating the game to keep it interesting for everyone.
  15. Amfisca

    Hey guys, I've just put all drops in pos to get some money to buy more donations. I'll be doing Executive Raids next and I'll post loot here too of course! I appreciate the support!