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  1. Amfisca

    Yes! This is going to be a fun one!
  2. Amfisca

    Hi man! Welcome to Dreamscape, hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
  3. Amfisca

    Update! Update! I've had a Ultra Rare drop: Inferno H'Ween Mask!!! I've decided to sell this mask for 450M cash.
  4. Amfisca

    Update! Restarting the Executive Raids grind. Started at 10.000 KC. I've gotten some nice Dream pieces, unfortunately I already had both legs, so they are duplicates.
  5. Amfisca

    Thanks for the support my man. I'm not keen on repeating this though, it's a lot of work opening all these boxes and putting them in POS. Suggestion for staff: Make all boxes stackable, please. 😛
  6. Hi, I opened 5.000 event boxes!
  7. Amfisca

    Vouch We regularly talk and I see you in Dicezone quite often. Very friendly and relaxed person. I also know you grind many hours in Executive Zone every day, which you could combine with a Trusted Host account. I also like that you are from a completely different timezone, which would be beneficial to the current team.
  8. Amfisca

    Neutral I have seen you a few times in Dicezone, but I don't believe we have interacted many times. I might change my stance if I see you more often at dicezone, people from your timezone could be a valuable asset to the team.
  9. Amfisca

    This should be a fun one ... Who did you get cleaned by? Last time I got cleaned, it was by @Twituchu
  10. Amfisca

    Keep it up man, that's a nice loot tab! 😄
  11. Amfisca

    I've converted the souls into keys and used them on the soul chest. Unfortunately I didn't get a lot of loot, only a few pieces. EDIT: Today I've done 500 Executive Raids, gotten 4 wisdom boxes and some other stuff. I'm hoping for an Executive Zone update to be happening soon, so I'll be grinding Executive Raids for a while now.
  12. Amfisca

    I'm done! I've reached 1.000.000 Magegray Souls. I think it's time to sell this juicy loot tab and get back to Executive Raids!
  13. Makes me jealous ... but well deserved guys! 😄 Thanks for supporting the game!
  14. First! Thanks for the updates guys.
  15. Amfisca

    Update! I think we're almost ready to sell the loot tab and restart the Executive Raids.