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  1. SnipeDom

    I feel as if having a #Suggestions channel on the discord could be beneficial for players who wants to just quickly jot down a suggestion without committing to a forum post. But as said in previous comments, if you can post it in the discord, you should just use the already designated section on the forums to make the post. It keeps things looking cleaner and brings the attention all to one central space. I'm not - but not +. Staying Neutral on this one.
  2. SnipeDom

    Thanks Man! But as far as creating unique graphics for the community I accept respectable offers for the work I provide ❤️
  3. SnipeDom

    What's going on everyone! I have a new Graphic for you guys! This one is something new to me. It's different style than what i'm used to figured i'd try out to expand my creativity. Let me know your Opinions and Constructive Criticism is always welcomed!
  4. SnipeDom

    Hey everyone, if you vote on the poll above the thread, don’t forget to comment a little on why you feel as if it’s “overpowered, underpowered, or just what this zone needs”.
  5. SnipeDom

    Hey Everyone! I think that the Donator Zone for Penguins could use a little Revamping. I feel as if 9 Penguins with a respawn timer of about 18 seconds is a small amount and a long time as a "benefit" for donators. I understand the benefit of the place is that it is instanced but you still see donators going to the ::mbox location for the reason stated above. I feel as if Revamping this donator zone would help from higher tier players with AoE weapons, crashing newer players just trying to start up. Also, to make things a little equal with ::MBox and Donator MBox Zone. In the area that I outlined, could be Steroid Penguins. If you vote (Overpowered, Underpowered, Just What This Zone Needs.) Please Comment Why You Think So. (Reason Supporting Your Vote) RevampWhat's the current issue? Only 9 Penguins at Donator MBox Instance, when ::MBox zone has 30 Penguins! (This Isn't Too Beneficial To Donators Considering They Still End Up At ::MBox And Crash New Players) What's your suggested way of fixing it? I suggest at least double stacking Penguins at Donator MBox Instance & Shortening respawn timer from 18 seconds, to 5-10 seconds. I Also suggest adding in Steroid Penguins in the area I've outlined to create some balance with ::MBox and Donator MBox Instance. (New Total of at least 18 Penguins with faster respawn time & Steroid Penguins Available!) How will this benefit player/server? This will definitely benefit the players of DreamScape, both donators and non-donator members. By Revamping this zone it will cause donators to use the instance, keeping them from crashing new players trying to grind up and start their journey. How could this be expanded in future? For the future of DreamScape, this could be expanded to a better area so it's not crowded if the Steroid Penguins are added in. The Current Area I have marked out for them, is just the most reasonable spot for them considering the current location of the instance. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) I don't think this would have too much of a negative effect for the server. Newer players might not quit so fast, due to being crashed and a long grind to get to their first goal. Also, server supporters (Donators) would have a beneficial zone instead of the comparingly weak area that has recently been released. (Comparing ::MBox to Donator MBox Instance) (30 Penguins to 9 Penguins)
  6. SnipeDom

    Thanks man! I still learn every time I do art, I started out doing less detailed work. Check out my Showcase I made. The League of Legends Logos are pretty much where I started. (I had some work before them but it isn't worthy) 😂 Of course I still take Comments and Constructive Criticism! That would've been a dope touch to add to it! I have an artistic mind but sometimes I don't think of everything that could make the picture better. I would sit here for hours pretty much always seeing something that could be added to make it look better. But also don't want to feel like i'm overcrowding the image with layers. I'll keep that in mind for next time I make a banner or logo though!
  7. SnipeDom

    I'm Back! I'm trying to keep the Graphics Forum Busy and hoping to get it active again. Maybe even give people inspiration to make some of their own unique artwork! This is something I whipped up for my new Hardcore account "HC SDom". Let me know what you think! (Click The Image For Full Quality/Detail!)
  8. SnipeDom

    I feel that, It is centered pretty well. I probably need to add more lighting to "Scape" to make it stand out more. But thanks for the feedback!
  9. SnipeDom

    Whats going on everyone! I made a banner for DreamScape. Give me your opinions and constructive criticism. (Click Image To Enlarge & See Full Detail!)
  10. SnipeDom

    Thanks for the feedback! I made the changes to the post! I'm not sure why I didn't think of that.
  11. SnipeDom

    Hello Everyone! I'm making this post to show off some of my current work and older work. I haven't made too much recently but I plan to get back into doing GFX. I'm hoping to become a Graphic Designer for the Forums! If you have questions or want to give constructive criticism go ahead! Thanks for checking out my GFX Showcase/Portfolio! Variety of work I've created over time League of Legends GFX (Some of my older work)
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