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  1. Best thing is the gear that's recommend Was a lot of fun to take the challenge with that
  2. Heave.

    Love the idea! Like mentioned above updates about your progress would be great Good luck on the grind
  3. Heave.

    Vouch! this'd be great to have for people that forget to do their elo (me included)
  4. Heave.

    Fallen one looks great, nice job!
  5. Heave.

    Mainly Dreamscape lately but whenever i feel like playing something else i just throw on some of the older PS titles.. kinda need to buy some new games.
  6. Heave.

    I like the idea of a disguise party event but i feel like these kind of event need to be pre-planned with a known theme, as not everyone has a bank stacked with items that could be used on the go it'd give everyone a fair chance to prepare. But for the overall idea definitely a vouch ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Magic (and melee) are stacked on different kind of sets that can be used so it definitely would be fair for range to get the same treatment, i know a couple months ago they had a couple textured pernix sets in the donation shop but they were offered as 1 of a kind deals.. if nobody bought these it'd be great to use them to give range some love and fit in with the mage set (space virtus). Vouch
  7. Heave.

    Would be nice to see a skotizo magic weapon to fit with the set on top of the other 2 that are already in game.
  8. Heave.

    I'd love to see something like this, sometimes you're just looking for a new way to make money or to switch up what you're doing at that moment and this would really help out with it.
  9. Missed out on last weeks events so i'm looking forward to join in again! Thanks for hosting them!
  10. Congratz to the winners!
  11. Heave.

    Probably the strykewyrm sets, especially the acidic one.
  12. Heave.

    Used to be a fun read, so it's great to see them being revived again.
  13. Heave.

    Made it way more convenient for Xebos & Event boxes, so i can do nothing but support the idea to give the other boxes the same treatment.
  14. until

    Love it how the community comes together during these events

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