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  1. gavwando

    I have a bank full of utterly useless items that are worth maybe 1 DS coin that I don't have the effort to go sell. I have no idea how difficult this would to do, having never developed on a RSPS before, but how about having an option to receive just DS coin value rather than an item, even if it's a reduced amount. That way new players can get the items still, but people that don't need them will just receive cold hard coin?
  2. gavwando

    I didn't know about that perk! Guess I'm saving for an emp necklace, eh? 😄 Thank you!
  3. I'm going to need that baby yoda... Why do you do this???
  4. I struggled with Xebos for a while, wasting multiple invitations in the process, this guide makes the whole process much easier! Wish I had seen it before!
  5. gavwando

    Thanks for this guide, finally finished the arcade after many attempts!
  6. gavwando

    Crazy loot, I'd probably never loot anything good even with that many kills with my luck!
  7. Great update! Can't wait for the next one!

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