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  1. round and round like a horse on a carousel

    1. Tyrant


      we goooo

  2. hey bro, you're probably long gone ?

  3. Bench it seems everyone is long gone. I'm back from my 2 year mandatory hiatus

    1. akarev2


      two step you might as well just leave again lol 

  4. Bench Press

    That's one of many milestones that you're going to reach here on this server. You can be proud on yourself Feeds, you are a phenomenal staff member! I can't wait to see what else you're going to accomplish here, but one thing is for sure, this isn't your final position. You got the potential to grow towards something bigger, and it's just a matter of time. Much love from you inactive homie
  5. Cover Photo Updated 

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    2. Phoenix


      Sexy ass header <3 I'm doing good now had a scare almost lost my pc

    3. Feeds


      I really missed you benchie :3 

    4. Hc Maximum
  6. Bench Press

    Lovely community, You may have noticed that i'm not around much and that's because i've got a lot of stuff going on in real life. And sadly that's just main priority. I've already made this post in the past and now i've got to do it again because my activity is lacking. I was kinda scared taking up a staff position again and being active again. Because life is just around the corner. I'm going to keep this thread the same as the title, short and strong. Once again i've enjoyed my time a lot within this community. People have been really kind, and everytime I hopped online a warm welcome was always there! How much I'd love to stay, I just can't. Thanks to everyone who always has been nice! You all are my friends, and a lot of you are also special friends. If you are, then you know that. I'm sure! Much love guys, I will hop online every now and then to check out our awesome server! I can't wait to see Dreamscape beating up Runescape's ass!
  7. Bench Press

    Hey man, Really good video, it's good to see the progress videos back! They're very enjoyable in my opinion and therefore I hope to see more of those in the near future! If i'm online i'll lend you an invictus sword for your video, that's the least I can do. Keep up with the great uploads my man, people enjoy them a lot!
  8. Haha @Hi its Guru we've got so many Bench Jr's here! I'm just joking i'm no better then anyone else, i'm just enjoying the content on Dreamscape! I've not been as active as normal, but I have seen the content that has been produced. You're doing a great job with uploading, and I hope to see more soon from you. If you need any help regarding thumbnails or any Youtube art, you are always free to ask!
  9. Bench Press

    A pvm serie is always enjoyable to watch, those videos will never get boring! You chose the magegray which is a pretty hard boss. It would've been amazing if you would've gotten a great loot from those keys but I guess that we've got to fix the rates first. Further, the video was great! Keep up this pace homie
  10. My excuses for the inactivity. I've been working too much and i've got take some time off soon..

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    2. Strox



    3. Emperor Nick

      Emperor Nick

      I feel you on that m8m, ive been working 80 hrs a week

    4. Tyrant


      its cool dawg

  11. Bench Press

    That's a great video that you made there man! The intro was a bit long, but very entertaining to watch. It looked very professional. The video was good aswell, although I do experience quite some lagg issues during the video. Does that happen when you are in-game? Because i'm thinking it even may be the software itself. I haven't had much time to help you out regarding recording & editing software. But we'll try to do that asap! Keep it up man, you are producing great content!
  12. Bench Press

    Welcome to the Dreamscape Forums, This is the place to be for every member. You can find everything you need on here! And if there's something missing, then let me know! I hope that you enjoy your time around. It's always interesting to see new introduction threads being made, and especially when they throw in pictures. Goodluck on your further process! Kind Regards,
  13. Bench Press

    I've had some spare time today, so it was time to finally make my first actual trip to the Oblivion Dragon! It was itching so bad, I really wanted to make a video regarding this new boss, and today is the day. So I made my first visit to the fire spitting snake and... What the outcome will be, that's what you see in the video!