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  1. xkakka221

    Gratz lads!
  2. xkakka221

    Huge VOUCH! current dicezone is too small to gamble, need bigger zone
  3. xkakka221

    Vouch from me! hate when there is bg event going on and timer starts to count down and you realise you have donator prays on and you have to run back and forth to chance it.
  4. xkakka221

    VOUCH from me! This would be so good add to executive zone, money sink, makes executive zone more worth grinding and makes more items to roll on eco.
  5. xkakka221

    Username: Xkakka221Rank In-game:executiveProof (screenshot):https://gyazo.com/1fa2e55736d790c091b8bc5ebdb25cf5

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