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  1. C45TRO

    holy crap, this is like the most amazing update ever
  2. new mini bosses, dope. just hope the drop rate isnt too bad. since they drop alot of lamps do they also have a chance for the new custom lamp?
  3. SUPPORT, i am also extremely annoyed using 1k keys and having to bank so offton especially with my magnet recovering keys for me from high scavenger lvl. my success on higher lvls shouldn't cause me annoyance because i have been successfull
  4. SUPPORT, im tired of trying to undersell other players as well, soon these exec items will be totally worthless, and if you ask me the shop at exec zone is very out dated, it could even help get value up on these items if exec/plat are willing to buy to convert to shop for points
  5. C45TRO

    i highly agree with #8, the part about being able to delete/discard item, takes 8 days to get 160 gems if you dont miss any days so thats 8 days you had to hold t1. use your 160 gems to clean up the x4 t1's and your back down to 80 gems just for it to fill back up with t1 in 30 minutes, then another week of waiting, oh and $10 for 20 gems is over priced

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