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  1. C45TRO

    holy crap, this is like the most amazing update ever
  2. new mini bosses, dope. just hope the drop rate isnt too bad. since they drop alot of lamps do they also have a chance for the new custom lamp?
  3. SUPPORT, i am also extremely annoyed using 1k keys and having to bank so offton especially with my magnet recovering keys for me from high scavenger lvl. my success on higher lvls shouldn't cause me annoyance because i have been successfull
  4. SUPPORT, im tired of trying to undersell other players as well, soon these exec items will be totally worthless, and if you ask me the shop at exec zone is very out dated, it could even help get value up on these items if exec/plat are willing to buy to convert to shop for points
  5. C45TRO

    For revampsWhat's the current issue?Tank: drops Gp still, worries me that when it says bank full 10 times that i might miss a drop because my bank has 2147m in it, 10k kc to finally get a cosmetic toy tankWhat's your suggested way of fixing it? remove the gp and add ds coin,oh my excitement when i finally got the toy tank (main reason i made ironman) just to find out its a cosmetic and all that time was wasted,give it a purpose to make me proud, sure its no heli pet but it is artillery What's the current issue?Chaos Ele: nearly 10k kc thats 81 top drops and no pet What's your suggested way of fixing it?check the database make sure the pet is in fact added What's the current issue?i see the multiple bosses dropping chaos souls got fixed, glad to that one What's the current issue?Grudon doesn't even have an item drop table, why is he in instance manager?or is the better question why aren't other bosses in instance manager yet, such as guardians of Am'orth and diglet What's your suggested way of fixing it?remove worthless bosses or add the drops, add newer bosses as they are introduced to server What's the current issue?well the instance manager shop is kinda lame What's your suggested way of fixing it?i think it could use some more end game type of gear, the only weapons are invictus weapons and thats only good for 1 thing and the space jam was op back in 2016 would be nice to see some range mage weapons(fast att to keep up with current times,and no i dont mean the normal ak-47) hurts my stomach to see dragonbone U in there and no mage gear option Remember this is an ironman instance and an option for them to get some great items with trade being removed(dont even tell me about the donation option) iv been there didn't help as much as it should have.this is what i have to show for with a $300 donation and 2 months of hard grinding not to mention i was rank #1 on ELO leader board for nearly 2 months i am ironman SteelBalls,"yea i know looks like a trash bank ROFL"and if you are concerned with sponsor+ rank trying to take advantage since they can access instance manager then either double iron man points or half sponsors+ points or like the tank boss is iron man only add and new boss that can drop some end game gear,btw i couldn't kill tank boss until i donated for eks and healing pet How will this benefit player/server? My struggles iv noted above should rly answer the players aspect of this question/ as for server it would give a whole new meaning,reason,purpose to iron man also open a whole new adventure for older players or the long time players that just can not afford to donate due to poverty or w/e their situations.that extra 10% drop rate for iron man just does no justice How could this be expanded in future?easy, as new bosses items content is added to the server it can also be added to the updated instance manager What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered)i dont see it making much of a dent on eco since ironman cannot trade but there's the option to unlock ironman for $50? but here's my suggestion to that.remove the option to unlock except donated items or up the unlock price, possible even audit a players inventory and assess an unlock price(like $10 per 100m value on top of the $50).there are way more under powered nubs than there are overpowered and i can imagine it will help both have better option of offering items to scavenger and karma "its almost like two worlds in one" or a rsps inside a rsps i dont have a sign off or siggy what ever its called but ty for reading my idea, i have a few more ill be posting in the future
  6. C45TRO

    i highly agree with #8, the part about being able to delete/discard item, takes 8 days to get 160 gems if you dont miss any days so thats 8 days you had to hold t1. use your 160 gems to clean up the x4 t1's and your back down to 80 gems just for it to fill back up with t1 in 30 minutes, then another week of waiting, oh and $10 for 20 gems is over priced