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  1. Too bad I'm too broke to ever afford Platinum Membership 😭 But that's such an awesome concept! ❀️
  2. Kait πŸ’œ

    Obviously, I don't know you, but it's always sad to see a long-time player go. Good luck IRL ❀️
  3. Kait πŸ’œ

    This is really an interesting concept. I'm excited to see where to goes and what comes from it.
  4. Kait πŸ’œ

    Good luck and enjoy your career field! ❀️
  5. Kait πŸ’œ

    Thanks everyone ❀️
  6. 3. Quests 10. New Skills 4. New bosses 8. New Raids 9. New minigames 5. New beginner content 6. New beginner gear and weapons 7. New end game gear and weapons 1. Revamping old content 2. Donator Content
  7. Kait πŸ’œ

    I really like this idea, I mean with me being new I've never gotten a chest of any level, but I do hear a lot of players in-game complaining. This would be a great solution for everyone who can't/won't spend IRL money on this game constantly.
  8. Kait πŸ’œ

    Definitely an amazing staff team for countless reasons! ❀️
  9. Kait πŸ’œ

    I really like that you guys do this, it's a great place to read up-dates and stay in-the-know about the community! ❀️
  10. Kait πŸ’œ

    My name is Kaitlyn, but most people just call me Kait. I'm an avid gamer, been doing it for years & years. I'm really enjoying DS so far; Y'all have made a great game! If you see me in-game you should say "Hi" Maybe help me figure out what to kill & farm for $$! Have a great day/night DSGang ❀️

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