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  1. Jladams

    I really like this idea. At the moment, I, along with many others, have extra repeat auras just sitting in the bank wasting space. I would love to see this put into action, but I propose a small change in pricing. Level 1 Aura = 2.5k tokens Level 2 Aura = 6k tokens Level 3 Aura = 10k tokens Considering the price of a BoW is 25k tokens, recieving 10k tokens for a level 3 aura would be nowhere near out of balance. The only issue I foresee happening would be max players that have all the auras, or have infinity aura, using the system to sell extra auras for other items in the shop. However, I foresee the majority of players using the buy-back system to try for auras they are missing.
  2. Jladams

  3. Jladams

    Obviously sense the commander role only goes tot he highest xp player, the rewards and bonus need to be worth pursuing, but at the same time, I don't want to see the skill end up as a rich get richer skill where the higher players can, in some way, purchase needs to get xp at higher rate than any other player can like scavenger. I'd like to see the skill in a way that earning xp is rewarded based on effort, not pocketbooks. As for bonuses, I could see the skill leading to a few things. Perhaps good karma gets a small damage bonus to certain bosses, and bad karma gets a damage boost to other bosses. This boost could increase the higher your level gets. Maybe good karma could cause an xp boost to certain skills (wood cutting, construction, agility, farming, cooking ect) and bad karma to other skills (thieving, slayer, gambling, summoning, hunter ect). Maybe a passive could be placed on both factions. Good Karma could get a persistent 1 in 25 chance to hit double the max hit. Bad karma gets a 1 in 50 chance to do 4x max hit. (obviously numbers can be adjusted as I have no idea what would be acceptable values here lol) These bonus, abilities, and passives could be elevated for the commanders of each faction.