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  1. Jladams

    welcome back Papers! If you ever need anything feel free to let me know!
  2. Jladams

    rank given ❤️
  3. Jladams

    The item was not necessarily designed as a step above infinity gauntlets. We can look into the damage output of the item but I do not make any promises about increasing its attack speed.
  4. Jladams

    Rank given ❤️
  5. Jladams

    Well looks like nothing but support from the comments before me. We will be looking into the addition of casket.
  6. We are looking into making the t10 requirements cumulative with previous 9 tiers. This would keep track of npc kill progress from previous tiers as you progress.
  7. Jladams

    Dreamland was purposely made so that each wave does not fluidly flow into one another as a way to prevent afk. Since the rewards are so sought after, we wanted to ensure the rewards that were brought into the game were earned rather than passively obtained. As much as I would like to see the portal part removed as well, the reason it was added in the first place stands firm.
  8. Jladams

    In further response to the cape/rank in general, the upcoming update makes some new changes to sponsor rank to make it more appealing. As said above, the cape/rank grants access to a unique zone unavailable to players without the rank/cape. This exclusive zone allows players to kill some of the popular boss npcs in an AoE fashion allowing for more kills. On top of this, there is also the Sponsor shop as an added bonus.
  9. Jladams

    Mentioning what it does work on would be thousands of npc therefore going by a does not work list was more efficient for our wiki team.
  10. Jladams

    If you ever have questions related to in game content my discord is open 24/7. I will be glad to answer questions even when I'm not online!
  11. Jladams

    Currently the shop is looking at being repurposed and restocked. We have not decided what will be in it.
  12. Jladams

    I will be looking into what causes this inconvenience
  13. Jladams

    I Personally think this may be a good idea. We will be looking into the metrics for these locations to monitor for this.
  14. Jladams

    Suggestion pending review. Currently the bosses for executive arcade use a different npc ID in order to combine drop tables. We are looking at reworking the system.
  15. Jladams

    Suggestion accepted. Arcade shop will be looked into for additions.

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