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  1. We have added a drop rate bonus to this item when the player is in avengers or dc universe arcade.
  2. Dude to supply and demand, prices often fluctuate. You can check common prices on items by going to the Market Manager in the home bank or at ::market. You can then search for the desired item and see what other users have listed the same item as.
  3. Please follow the given format in the future. As for this request, the run from Draynor teleport is very short run and the cake boss respawns so the need for teleporting to cauldron is not highly necessary.
  4. We can't have a celebration without cake!?! Head on over to the cooking hut on ::skilling island and talk to the Master Chef! There is a rumor that he is the best cake maker in Gielinor! Master Chef is going to need some supplies before he can help. He will explain to you where they are all located. When you have all the required materials, take them back to the Master Chef for the lovely cake! It doesn't stop here, the Master Chef offers another idea to take the cake to his friend in Draynor Village! Once you
  5. As some of you may know, at the beginning of this year we started Dreamscape's Platinum Partnership! https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/22975-dreamscpe-platinum-partnership/ One of the perks of being a part of this highly exclusive VIP club is a monthly loot box. Today we release more details on the contents of this loot box! As part of the platinum partnership, you will be eligible for monthly loot crates (equivalent of 12 total). E.g. If you become eligible for the platinum partnership in March 2018, you will receive 12 loot
  6. 🎃Achievement System🎃 Everyone loves having a sense of accomplishment and our achievement system was outdated. We decided to start from the ground up, write 62 brand new achievement tasks, create a brand new prestige system and rework the shop rewards! The new system involves farming these tasks to prestige; each time you prestige you get a new cape with better stats! You can also add perks to your capes after you prestige. New Achievement Tasks: 🧛 Easy Tasks: Arcade novice - Reach wave 25 in normal arcade Beginner Dancer - Use the dance emote I vot
  7. We have some amazing things on the way! ❤️ 



    1. Kingdom Come

      Kingdom Come

      Heavily Anticipating what's to come!

    2. Scionfrozen
    3. ACT I

      ACT I


  8. Willy is by far one of my favorites! I may be a little biased considering I work with him more than most people and he puts up with all my of crazy antics lol
  9. Ayye! Congratulations to everyone! Well deserved and keep up the amazing work! The best is yet to come! #DSGANG!
  10. we are adding more boxed sets and making them tradeable
  11. Creating early game content that cannot be abused by end game players is very difficult. We have taken multiple strides at making the early/midgame content more feasible. For instance: clue scrolls, daily rewards, daily tasks, zulrah revamp, progression zones (realms) and the future new starter zone. We are always open to new ideas that also take into consideration that end game players will likely attempt to do the same tasks you are trying to cater to new players.
  12. Emperor's Ring +40% damage Universe Ring +50% damage in arcade Universe ring has higher damage output while in arcade compared to regular emperor ring. We could possibly look into small drop rate boost while in dc and avenger arcade
  13. We can expand the current drop counter system for rare and ultra rare drops/upgrades to also account for rare box rewards.
  14. The slayer prestige shops will be redesigned to add additional value. We must keep in mind that due to some aoe areas for sponsor+ some slayer tasks can be completed extremely quickly which mean points can be obtained very quickly as well.
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