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  1. Jladams

    The custom server takes some time to get used to, but we've all been new at some point! Glad to have you here! Spend some time over on the Wiki to acclimate yourself to some of our custom gear and bosses! Feel free to message me if you have any questions!
  2. Jladams

    Close both next time 😛
  3. Jladams

    with gauntlet (u) i think im around 152k? ill have to double check
  4. Jladams

    Maybe nobody will notice
  5. Jladams

    I love seeing members take the time to make guides! Keep up the good work!
  6. Jladams

    So glad you decided to join us! We're all glad you're here and look forward to sharing our server with you! If you ever need any help, feel free to ask!
  7. Jladams

    I personally like the idea of it, however from the standpoint of the dev's, I understand the hesitance. Making dream sets combianble would make it very hard to ever bring in new sets because if they make something better, then everyone who spent time and money getting the tribrid set will be angry. However, I personally want this suggestion to happen but I see why they wouldn't want to.
  8. Jladams

    Devious armour was already outdated and worse than trix if I remember correctly (Or very close). So it didnt bother me that those prices crashed. That's unfortunately something that happens in MMOs when new items get added or items get changed. I do agree that the dev set prices could cause issues in scavenger shop, but instead of dropping those prices, perhaps we should look into a scavenger shop revamp instead of changing dev prices. I highly vouch the need for donator shop revamp though.
  9. Jladams

    100% vouch. Many of items are flooding pos making them basically unsellable and unusable. This suggestion would bring value back to these items. At the suggested prices, I cannot see many issues with the cash influx as most of these are Rare drops.
  10. Not looking forward to traveling all day tomorrow.. Heading to present at the national sports medicine conference. a whole weekend taking away from my DS time lol

  11. Jladams

    I know the feeling, I never made a formal introduction either but you know what, you're right, better late than never! Glad to have you part of the server!
  12. Jladams

    Always glad to see a new streamer join in! If you have any questions jump over to the wiki or feel free to pm me or anyone that responded above me! lol
  13. until

    Love these events! 😛
  14. You never disappoint! Love the POS update and always happy with new bosses! Keep up the amazing work!
  15. Jladams

    If you add a zero to those pay rates I'd support it. I think for a significant in game payment, that it should be available. I played on a different account and got up to extreme before realizing my mistake and made a whole new hardcore account. I wish that progress could have been preserved without paying. Overall I vouch for this. However, I personally think the amounts required should be significantly higher to prevent people from bouncing back and forth just to train skills or use lamps ect.

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