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  1. afade

    Full Vouch! Using lamps right now hurts my everything. Great quality of life improvement! Nice one Regis
  2. afade

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You will be forever missed my friend! Stop by some time and say hi!
  3. afade

    650 :O!
  4. afade

  5. Well snap you mentioned me!! how sweet!
  6. afade

    Hey that was me!!!! I love reading these you guys do so great with them.
  7. afade

    I've gotten more level 1's than I know what to do with thanks to revs. Always opened them because I have heard getting anything higher is almost impossible. Best loot so far is a golden AK which isn't a terrible pull albeit a little underwhelming. The merging 3 to get the next level is a great way to have pvm activity go up, as well as offering everyone a fair chance at the same end goal - the level 8. I love this idea.
  8. afade

    I like this idea. I've been stuck at sire and xebos more time than I can count simply because I'm used to ::home. Also no being able to carry on a conversation that was started simply because of forgetting you can't ::Yell at sire is slightly infuriating.
  9. afade

    That is why i am very hesitant to open my keys. Most of the time i just sell them because I get the 1 ds coin like every 5th pull. It gets frustrating
  10. I like this idea because it streamlines the process and efficiency is key. If a brand new players farms thugbobs for 80 keys, he's making 3-4 trips to the chest AND getting chat spammed for what rewards he got. Toggling the reward notification on/off would be a great help as well as auto-banking/going to inventory. I'm all about simplicity though so that's my 2 cents.
  11. afade

    I like that idea. You might consider making anything recolored that's tradeable become untradeable or somehow bound to your account? The only downside is like in normal RS certain colors getting favored over others and there being 6 different prices for the same EKS that are just colored different. It won't add value via stats but there certainly well be a sort of favoritism going on for certain colors over others. Other than that I love the idea of being able to make my EKS or dream mage gear something other than that off-blue that doesn't match anything else.
  12. afade

    An avery's incantation would definitely be a great addition. The jump from standard avery to avery (i) is around 100m or so, so it would have to be a fair amount of points to get the incantation, since you can get 150 points from trading in quantum boots (around 20-30m). But i love the idea of that and selling frostbites/other untradeables for a decent amount of points.
  13. afade

    I like this idea. I can't think of too many times I've opened a voting book and been excited about the reward.
  14. afade

    What is your favorite color and why?
  15. Between ::deals, pinatas, HNS, ::BG, and all the other events there's never really a dull moment on here. This staff knows how to keep their players involved and excited about being online, not just letting them be there for the grind.