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  1. would love to see this be added to the game, as a player with 2 executive accounts, it would really be nice to see the rank be worth the money again that it used to be. executive dragon used to be about 5mil ds coins an hour when it was 1 hitable but now u cant 1 hit it and 5mil an hour isnt considered great anymore. also speaking as a ironman, the helicopter pet would be quicker to get with actual executive points than the executive dragon, it really has become dead content. not trying to be a douche but it simply would be nice to have it updated. 100% agree with this post, would
  2. thanks for the fixes, very saucy ,gracias
  3. Hello everyone, i’m not too sure if this fits under suggestions or just my opinion but i thought i should just put it out there. What's the current issue? i believe theres a rather large issue with rules, and how a lot of things are being run (i’d just like to say I’m not trying to just shit all over what the staff team is doing, i do really appreciate all of ur work from all of you i just believe theres somethings that could be improved) first of all, donations seems to be a bit messed up, donation deals and items that aren’t on the store seem
  4. i like the idea of being able to sell it back for half the points to the shop, although id say only make it available for ironman. but it sounds good to me! 😄
  5. Miss you all ❤️  2 weeks until i move, cant wait to start playing again

    - Comp Loser/Hard Fais

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    2. Hard Fais V2
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      Did wonder why i hadnt seen you around papi. Miss you man

    4. lewis99300


      Miss you too man ❤️ 

  6. Hard Fais V2



    Didnt have much to work with since im a ironmen but thought id make a lil pink spas
  7. lets hope we can get a drop at TOB now willy lmfao
  8. until

    IGN: Comp Loser
  9. iSoulz and myself have thought of some suggestions that some players may like, hope some of these things could become a reality or at least help the staff team gain some ideas for future updates Suggestion 1: Make a price minimum and maximum on certain items on the pos so that items can’t be sold for a small amount by accident or so that certain rich players can’t crash prices of items. these pos caps should be changed per update to make sure their prices go along with the amount of that item going into the game. (for example Charged infinity gauntlets would have a price range in
  10. until

    ign: Comp Loser
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