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  1. Tiny Riiiick

    Aye I appreciate the shoutout! Super impressed by the content and thoroughness you guys put into these. Would love to see more future editions!
  2. Tiny Riiiick

    Definitely some awesome work on these man! The "Bando" header is soooooo clean. How'd you do the 3D Render?
  3. Tiny Riiiick

    Dude thank you I appreciate the kind words 🙏
  4. Tiny Riiiick

    I do/can! Feel free to check out my showcase under the showcase section to view some of my previous work!
  5. Tiny Riiiick

    Aye whats up guys! My IRL name is Cam but in game I go as TINY RIIICK! I started playing a few weeks ago and have enjoyed meeting a few of you in game! I want to be more active on the forums and discord so here is the start of that! My first (well second actually) post! I also do graphic design and posted a little showcase as well if you guys wanna go check that out! Looking forward to meeting the rest of you! Cheers! - Cam AKA Tiny RIIIICK
  6. Tiny Riiiick

    Hey all! I took a break from RSPS for a while so my rsps gfx examples are pretty old, but I do GFX all the time and want to get back into doing stuff! Gonna drop some work below and would love some feedback from you guys! If you have any custom work you want done contact me on here or in game! It doesnt have to just be for forums, I can do logos, youtube stuff, twitch, really anything you need! Cheers! Random forum/grame crowns I made Figured I'd throw in some Esports stuff

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