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  1. bee scurt

  2. bee scurt

    I agree! I’ve got 1k lamps ive been saving BC I don’t feel like it. This would definitely make it easier
  3. bee scurt

  4. Looking for someone to make me a signature. If you have gfx experience, and would like to make some cash in game PM here, on discord, or in game! @bee scurt on all 3! Thank you!
  5. Not anymore! Became tradeable this last update.
  6. bee scurt

    I like this idea as well!
  7. I am jealous on this one. If you plats want to sell those black diamond boxes. Lmk 😁
  8. For revampsWhat's the current issue? the new/old is entirely too small and the floor color is very hard on my eyes when fping. this is an issue because people can make excuses about their flower being a different color then it really was. i know they wanted to have some nostalgia, but maybe make we can find a happy medium with the 2. Being a TD i dont want to have to a chance for any confusion on who won. i should have easy visibility of what was planted. What's your suggested way of fixing it? I think we should move back to the old/new dicezone that had the big fp areas. but maybe in the middle for where DDing took place, putting the party room. Or just go back to old one outright because it wasnt broke. How will this benefit player/server? its not so crowded, theres no confusion on colors of flowers.How could this be expanded in future? If its not broken, it doesnt need fixed What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Nothing, it was perfect the way it was.
  9. bee scurt

    how wouldn't it be fair? I'm currently sitting at 10b cash, throwing half of it away isn't going to make me happy. But ill do what needs to be done. and this is your first reaction to it, think about it more. Trust me
  10. bee scurt

    I will definitely look into that! thank you. and I thought about capping all donos, but as we saw whe 30s were capped at 100m, people quit selling. I know most people don't understand this, but I know its a business. Donos are what keep this game going and overloaded with updates. So they aren't going to risk losing money unless they have too. Personally I'd love donos to be be capped, but I also know that when you start limiting the economy, bad things tend to happen. And this is more then just about donos (not saying you thought it was). Items are crashing and then rising again because people are greedy and outbid others so that raises prices, which can directly be related to the fact that there's too much money. In any economy, there will be fluctuations both ways due to supply and demand. But what's going on now is completely different. What I believe was the root of this problem is the reset. I want to say first, that DS and every staff member did an incredible job handling that and this is not to dog anyone. But too much money was pumped in when they gave people cash instead of items. So now basically that means we have double the cash that we had 2 months ago, which to me means to remove that influx. Thats how I ended up on here with the idea to cut out 50%. It will crash, it will burn, and it will be crazy. But an economy with that same amount of cash worked before and I think it can work again. There's money constantly coming in and leaving the game, we just need it to leave a lot faster at the moment. P.S- Im enjoying this intelligent conversation, dont get to do this much anymore.
  11. bee scurt

    When you say “never worked before” where have you seen it tried? Just curious if I can research all the details regarding outcome. And also obviously a short term crash would be expected, but I wouldn’t guess long term. Do you have any examples? It took a lot for me to post this as I know it’s extreme, so if there is anyway I can inform myself more I would love to do so.
  12. bee scurt

    Theres no question about it, there is entirely too much cash in game right now. its affecting prices on items, donos, and overall QoL While I have been thinking for a couple weeks now about what suggestion I could make to help it, the one that makes the most sense while also being most effective is rather extreme. It will absolutely rub people the wrong way and make people mad, but for the overall good of the server it will work. For revampsWhat's the current issue? As stated above way to much cash in game. What's your suggested way of fixing it? Like I said, its extreme. But I think every single player should have exactly 50% of their cash removed. No matter if you have 10b or 10k. Exactly 50% should be taken and thrown in the well. How will this benefit player/server? At first, people will be mad but I think if everyone gives 50% then your cash stack will be smaller, but the value of each coin will be greater. So you'd be equally if not more wealthy. Donation prices are off the charts which equals in people not buying them as much, and since there is so much cash, we've actually had to limit how much you could sell 30s for. That will be removed as it would be self sustaining again. How could this be expanded in future? Well this would completely reset in-game and dono values. And as long as money isn't pumped heavily back into the server, it shouldn't need to happen again What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) The only negative effect I can think of, is people having bad attitudes about it. Not understanding the bigger picture and realizing what good it does for them in weeks/months/years. I know at first, this sounds like an off the wall idea that a crazy person came up with. but if you really think about all the factors that come into play, it's a very smart move. So read it, think about it, then read it again. And have an open mind. Leave any feedback or concerns you have. Please. Any other ideas are all accepted. Something needs to be done, hopefully this is the first step to making that happen.
  13. bee scurt

    CJ told me to do a rank request for this, but I didn't know where. Sorry if this is wrong spot. Rank Request for Trusted Host In-game name: Td Beeski Proof: https://imgur.com/O2VyDxF Thank you!
  14. bee scurt

    Awesome! I am so ready to kill some Hades! Awesome job Dev!
  15. bee scurt

    Vouch for this too. Beating Endless is not easy, as a player who is completely maxed out with in game items but no customs. My personal best is only wave 80. It's by far the hardest game play this server has, and players should be rewarded for completing it.

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