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    I sold you this glaive! But grats man! I spend a lot of my time merching. Can be very worth it If you are patient!
  2. Sorry but I’ve been stuck in traffic for 1.( hours so all I can do is think. But I thought of a halfway decent idea that meets all the requirements. Instead of doing the permanent Dr/luck boost you assign each commonly dropped item in these zones a point value, with these points you buy a “pet serum” or “pet food” that you can “feed” your pet. When you give this item to your pet, it increases his stats a decent amount for a time period. Like double arcade points or double drop/double/luck. Not only would the benefit the players trading these items in, it would keep more out of eco and give exec/plats a reason to buy. I’m not sure if development could do something like that, but I think it’s a solid base for a good idea.
  3. I agree with catepecl, and Regis. While do not think it should be so upgraded that it throws off balance I do believe there is scenario where both objectives can be achieved. And if you didn’t want to revamp shops, then maybe create a cash system. Like 40% of POS price unless it get over like 5m. Most plats and execs have plenty of money so paying 100-500k for each drop wouldn’t throw off balance while also keeping these items out of economy and affecting price for everyone else. Or maybe for every 1000 drops they turn in they get a small permanent Dr/luck boost. These are just ideas I came up with off the top of my head while sitting in traffic.
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