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  1. Canard

    yeah agree, i think re-tuning some early game content (such as vetion, venenatis, etc) would be helpful for new players. xebos is a good start, but killing penguins gets old quickly.
  2. Canard

    honestly if glaives were reworked to not be one-hit and instead just be a melee weapon, that'd be a great way to start getting melee in tune with range and mage. it seems like right now range has bfg, mage has inf gauntlet. only concern would be that too many people have glaives, but i feel like they're rare enoguh to justify making into something closer to on par with bfg and inf gauntlet
  3. Canard

    For revampsWhat's the current issue? No good way of selling armor set without splitting in POS What's your suggested way of fixing it? Make a NPC that turns all pieces of same armor set into a boxHow will this benefit player/server? easier to sell an entire set instead of splittingHow could this be expanded in future? -What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) none really
  4. Canard

    idk if bypassing is the right word here -- i think exec cape should provide more buff (2x damage?) for glaives on raids and such, but having a 150M+ weapon be useless on so much content is a little bit disheartening
  5. Canard

    Tbh I feel that 10% is a little undertuned, compared to how slow glaive hits. EKS definitely outdamages glaive, but making it a straight 10% might be too OP for some raids.
  6. Canard

    I agree, glaive looks cool but feels underwhelming. I think it should be adjusted to be one-hit on non-bosses, and just a high hitting melee on raids / etc.

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