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  1. soloace

    Vouch, like numerous of people have said before people who donate $600 to upgrade from sponsor should not have to pay the current 1b fee for the sponsor+ zone. There is still a good chance if this gets changed that I still won't be able to benefit from this as I am an ironman and it's just impossible to get these "high" amounts of cash for things like this. So in my opinion it would be great if ironmen could get a different price for the sponsor+ zone aswell, as getting 1b is just not going to happen.
  2. Could you add me to that discord group @Amfisca ? This is my discord Soloace#2008
  3. We could for sure write this post together fam I think that would be alot of fun
  4. Vouch, this would be great for people who aren't too familiar with how everything in bg works and would give them a way better experience to this minigame.
  5. soloace

    Hi, mr Dennis nice to meet you
  6. Much love to the staff team for hosting all these sick events! Makes the game alot of fun when everyone comes together in discord.
  7. soloace

    Good luck everyone on the 5th season of competetive!
  8. soloace

    Great update, thank you so much to the entire staff team working on this update!
  9. Siick crate, congratz to all of the plat members
  10. soloace

    Vouch, it's very annoying when you can't yell in here. I'd also love to see an improvement on the pathing within the abyssal sire lair personally as I think it's pretty bad.
  11. soloace

    Vouch, I love this idea and it would actually "unlock" a way of getting to the higher tier chests.
  12. soloace

    NO VOUCH, boxes are easy enough to farm and the higher tier aura's aren't necessarily meant for newer players with worse gear. As an ironman I've managed to get every single obtainable aura within a few days so it's barely a grind as it is.
  13. soloace

    Would love for the scav shop to be expanded yeah. As it is pretty meh as it is now.
  14. soloace

    vouch, personally have way too many aura's in the bank aswell which I can't do anything with.
  15. soloace

    no vouch, these weapons should remain untradable and are already pretty easy to obtain with tactical boxes anyway.

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