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  1. Snelle

    Nice going my man. I love to see you update this every once in awhile, good job!
  2. Snelle

    It would have to be before 2015, with no login from that point on at all, than I'd say sure. Other than that, no vouch.
  3. Snelle

    Welcome back man, hope you enjoy your stay back in the team.
  4. Snelle

    I won't really say anything, all I can really say is.. I hope we stay in touch man. This saddens me a little bit, but I'm sure, with your passion and dedication towards what you're focussed on, you'll achieve anything you want in life. All I can say Max, is goodluck with your future endeavors and have fun, I hope we'll keep in touch like we used to.
  5. Snelle

    I feel you, achievements should be a bit more rewarding. Vouch.
  6. Snelle

    No vouch due to reasons stated above.
  7. Snelle

    Looking foreward you grinding this out my man, goodjob!
  8. Snelle

    These are absolutely gorgeous, please keep doing what you're doing, amazing!
  9. Snelle

    Having access to DreamScape aka the internet shows it shouldn't be a problem to join the forums either. I do feel you, there's not much activity on this forum at all, and it needs a change, but that starts with people being dragged to the forums. I'll remain neutral on this one to see other people's opinions in this regard.
  10. Snelle

    Welcome Alyssa, hope you enjoy your stay around here.
  11. Hello DSGANG, next Player Spotlight will be coming up soon!

  12. Snelle

    Snelle - Samen
  13. Snelle

    Although I do know what it's like to be an Exec+, I feel you guys. Given the fact most of you paid an extra of 600$, or maybe more, and taking your comment saying the whole exec crew agrees with it, I think it should be given a go to be honest.
  14. Snelle

    Welcome to the forums my man! Hope you enjoy your stay here aswell haha
  15. Snelle