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  1. Pann Jr

    There's no need for it no, it's just something nice which doesn't take long to code.
  2. Hey DSGANG, I've decided to continue my goal towards 1,000,000 penguin KC. I did a LOOT FROM 100,000 (< click to see loot from 100,000) before, but I'm starting over again. Due to the armour I currently have I deem it unfair to continue with that account. The loot will be: ALL the loot I obtain through the Mystery Boxes. ALL the loot I will obtain through Crystal Key (+). ALL the loot I will obtain through Infinity Keys (if I don't sell them). ALL the loot I will obtain through Event Boxes from Xebos Invites. (if I don't sell them). Here's my setup: I will update the thread every 50,000 KC, leading up to 19 updates before hitting the 1,000,000 mark. Once again I will be doing all the DREAM clue tier scroll I get, and make a seperate tab for the loot of that. Have fun!
  3. Pann Jr

    What's the current issue? Current drops of raids (Voldermort, vendura etc). What's your suggested way of fixing it? Make something that's worth doing raid if u go dry for a while, it's just straight up depression when you get nothing but steadfast boots and dragon claws for hours upon hours, maybe like 5-15k dscoins per raid completed, it's currently simply not worth doing if u can't 1 shot it. How will this benefit player/server? It'll make raids more populair probably. How could this be expanded in future? No idea. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) The rewards are up to you guys, so I cannot answer this.
  4. Pann Jr


    Amazing event!!
  5. Pann Jr

    Heya staff, It would appear most of you fine lads are actually reading these topics, which is already a huge difference from other rsps's. I just wanted to take a short minute of your time, and say once again goodjob. Some time went over now, and Ive seen in-game aswell as the forums, that you're also putting the feedback to good use! Being open for feedback/critism is good, but the way you guys apply it is mindblowing. Thanks for making DS what it is today.
  6. Pann Jr

    Chuck (Owner) Even though it looks like he's not that active within the community, I know he's a busy man with a busy life. He's started off something amazing and evergrowing. Without Chuck DS wouldn't exist, so he's basically the big community dad. Other than having a couple of calls with you and some minor chatting, I do not have alot of feedback, nor is any required i'd say. CjBear (Co-Owner) From helper to co-owner! You had your ups and downs, but I think you're an overall good guy. You try your best managing everything, and from what it looks like from a player's perspective, I'd say you do great. If I had to give any feedback on you I'd say work a bit on your temper, or think twice before you press enter. You sometimes look very busy and rushed, take your time for the people that want to have a normal conversation aswell, managing is not only following rules, it's about bonding with everyone. Manager(s) Feeds (Server Manager) I think I've seen you the most out of everyone, you're bonding with the community, take your time to chat during donations and always reply kindly. I do not think you require any feedback, as I never had any issues with you personally nor had I ever seen any. Goodjob! Lt Limes (Head Support) I think you're an overall good guy aswell. Only think I'd advise you, same as CjBear, is to bond more with the community. During donations you sometimes seem lackluster of having a fun conversation. I know staff has to be strict and professional at all times, but a chat can never really hurt. Administrator(s) Jason (Administrator) Aye, my man Jason. I think I'd personally go to you first with any issues. You always seem very chill and you're always willing to help out players (regardless if it was a job of a mod/server support). Your donation events are amazing, aswell as the others. I think you're my overall favorite person here uwu. Australia (Administrator) From Head Support back to Admin I guess? I didn't really follow it. All I know is that you're trying your best and that you're an amazing guy. To give you any feedback, try to be more chill and don't take everything serious, we all get trolled from time to time. Overall you're a good guy and make a great asset to the team. Bodhi (Forum Administrator, Server Support) Well, to start off positive, everything you post on the forum is very high-quality! You're an overall good guy and always willing to help. I'd advise you, same as some others to stop taking things serious from time to time, sometimes a troll is a troll. But yeah, as I said overall you're doing great, and hopefully will continue to do so. Moderator(s) Regis (In-Game Moderator) I heard you resigned, but from what I remember is that you're an amazing guy, always very chill. I'd love to see you come back some day and continue the great work. Your wiki-work won't ever be forgotten ❤️ Server Support(s) Jota (Server Support) Even before you became SS you were actively helping, so I guess keep on rockin' like you do. You're a very friendly person and approach things the way a staff member should. Afade (Server Support) As you stated yourself, your forum/discord activity isn't that what the remainder of the team should expect from you, but yeah, we all have busy lives and some times IRL (should) take over. I'd say you're great in your role as SS (in-game wise). Keep on rockin' like u do. What do you think of the Server? Is there something you'd like to see change? The donation store, it's basically a scam when someone donates 35$ for a collectors necklace, I don't know how you guys compensate that during goodiebags, if you give them a equivalent in-game cash of that 35$, but if not, it's basically a scam. So yeah, one thing should be either completely revamping the donation store, or reduce/increase the price of certain items. What do you think of our latest updates? On what should we focused at? Amazing, I believe you focussed on the exact things I should've focused at. The two things I'd advise is when you click on a dead npc you shouldn't walk to it, that's hella annoying, and the donation store. Overall I do believe this is fair feedback from a player perspective, keep on running DS like you do now, and I'm sure everything will be alright. Cheers, Phat
  7. Pann Jr

    Great idea, very beneficial! Hope the development team thinks the same!
  8. Pann Jr

    Heylo, Welcome yourself to the best community I've ever expierenced! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  9. Amazing QoL updates! That platinum thumper looks badass aswell, amazing!
  10. Amazing event, thanks for hosting, I'll try to get something during the following days.
  11. Pann Jr

    Congrats @Bodhi, I personally haven't see you in the role yet, but knowing you I know you'll do great. Goodluck and mostly, have fun!
  12. Pann Jr

    I absolutely love the idea! However like @Cjbear said the rates you suggest are little too OP, I think 15-20% would be significant already. I hope this will be added though!
  13. Pann Jr

    Well deserved, congrats Engy!
  14. I recently got into it and I got the basics down now, what cash we talkin?

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