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  1. Fled

    Hope to see this skyrocket my friend, goodjob!
  2. Amazing QoL updates! That platinum thumper looks badass aswell, amazing!
  3. Amazing event, thanks for hosting, I'll try to get something during the following days.
  4. Fled

    Congrats @Bodhi, I personally haven't see you in the role yet, but knowing you I know you'll do great. Goodluck and mostly, have fun!
  5. Fled

    I absolutely love the idea! However like @Cjbear said the rates you suggest are little too OP, I think 15-20% would be significant already. I hope this will be added though!
  6. Fled

    Well deserved, congrats Engy!
  7. I recently got into it and I got the basics down now, what cash we talkin?
  8. Fled

    Hello Hunter, Welcome to DS, enjoy your stay around here my man. If you need help feel free to ask any staff member, most of the stuff is also found on the wiki (type ::wiki insert) though. Thanks for being apart of our community.
  9. I can definitely tell you guys worked extremely hard on this. You absolutely nailed it again. Thanks for the dedication!
  10. Fled

    Hello Cam, Enjoy your stay around here. If you need help, you can always ask staff, but most of the in-game stuff can be found on our wiki! ::wiki (insert something here) will get you there. Thanks for being apart of our community!
  11. Fled

    Nice drops Splitrunner, keep on grinding. Props for doing over 1K kc aswell!
  12. Woah massive, if you plan on donating this is the stuff you're looking for! Especially that 100$ off the famous Executive Cape!
  13. Fled

    Hello my man, welcome yourself to the best RSPS community out there! If you need any help, feel free to shoot me a PM or do ::wiki Insert Item in-game and it'll redirect you to our wiki, with over 1,900 pages. Have fun!
  14. Fled

    Hello splitrunner, I'm not in charge of dealing with applications, so I can only give you a vouch / no vouch. Even though many people would define this application as short and lackluster, I think you've done a pretty good job. I myself am currently studying to become an elementary school teacher, and I've specialized myself in dyslexia/dyscalculia for over a year. Usually those children are very dedicated to learn and are a great asset to any team. Therefore I'm giving you a vouch. You'll have to learn alot and it might go slower, but I'm down to invest time into helping you out, all your assignments will have to be corrected before actually posting them, I'm also down to help you with that. One quick tip I'd like to give you, when you become part of our team, you're maybe not direct staff of DreamScape, but in a sense you represent it. Try to show maturity from now (don't post irrelevant things, and think twice before you type things, sometimes it sounds like you're toxic when you're not). Quick example; the Discord server conversation, you said, and I'm copying what you said now: "Yeah you guys really need to work on that wiki, it looks s**t. Those are not the kind of thing we'd like to see from you. Goodluck.