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    For new contentWhat is the content called Custom Player own-house How does it work? Its can work on construction skill, build your custom own house What rewards does it give? I think can make a altar, pos, bank something fun like boxing ring (player vs player for fun) How will it benefit server/players? I think can make somethink like on rs3 invention skill just disamble items for parts and use this parts for custom house bulding that way much items gone from server and economy grown up better How could it be expanded in the future? On own house will can make alot good idea like pet garden, party room because in server players are +/- friendly and will be fun make some partys on own house What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) I thin negative effect can't get if take out some items from server its be much better for economy and much more fun for bossing because really need items and much more players go PVM and dont stay afk on ::afk zone because its more fun

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