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  1. syntaxdzn

    Very well put together guide! Very useful tips for those who want to give this a shot, or are stuck completing it! I love that you took the time to take screens of the different bosses so players have a better understanding who is who.
  2. Sick update! The treasure hunter button disappears when you tele tho
  3. That rainbow khione tho 😱
  4. syntaxdzn

    A big VOUCH from me! This would impact the gameplay for new players so much, in a positive way ofcourse. It's a great way of making money for newer players, but most of the times as you've said, it's stacked by others with an AOE weapon. It would give them the chance to start making some decent money and stay on the server for longer!
  5. syntaxdzn

    The VIP giveaways are amazing, 50m?! Might check for nitro soon
  6. syntaxdzn

    I'm sure it will haha, small steps at a time! Thanks, tried to make it as clear as possible I took yours as an example tho ❤️
  7. syntaxdzn

    IGN: u said I'd also love to see you do Corp, not because it would take you a long time (:D), but I'm pretty curious for the drops. Good luck !
  8. syntaxdzn

    I made this photomanipulation banner from scratch, designed the 3d logo myself aswell: Still new to the entire photo manip scene it started off like this for those wondering: https://i.gyazo.com/d84e16b5f4232f4fa3a2162bd58291c2.mp4 I'd love to hear some feedback and what I can do to improve it Thanks!
  9. What’s up DSGANG, I decided to make an in-depth moneymaking guide for beginners. All suggestions / improvements are welcome! So, you’re new to Dreamscape and want to work your way up to better gear? Look no further, this guide will help you get from bills, to trills. Starter tasks First up, when you join, you should have noticed the starter tasks already, it should look a little something like this: You’ll get a decent amount of cash per task that you’ve completed, plus you’ll get to know the game a little more! The tasks themselves are pretty easy, from cutting a tree at ::wc, to just opening the POS at ::market. Achievements You also have some achievements that you can complete throughout your DS adventure, some of them are also pretty easy to complete, once you’ve completed an achievement, you’ll get notified and you should be able to collect the cash by clicking “claim all”. You can find them under the quest tab, and should look a little something like this: They call me "the pinguin slayer" So, now you’ve already made some decent starters cash, enough to buy you some starters gear, I wont be going in depth on the gear, because they’re plenty of great guides on those. It’s time for you to start killing some NPC’s that are most profitable. The ideal situation for you would be to go to ::mbox and kill some pinguins, which can be great for hunting those infinity keys, xebos invites and clue scrolls! More in depth on these items below. ::mbox should look a little something like this Too many players slaying pinguins? The only issue with this, is that people can easily crash you with their aoe weapons and take your kills. You can try to go to other floors by clicking the portal. When you want a more chill spot, go to ::pointzone. You can get alot of kills per hour because they’re close to eachother AND only have 52 hp! Here's what ::pointzone looks like So, why kill these npc’s? The main things your after are: Infinity keys: You can either do two things with these, open them at ::soulroom or sell them for 20-30k each. In the beginning, I’d recommend selling these, as you’re most likely to get some bad stuff from them, and wont really profit you that much. But, if you’re feeling lucky, go ahead and open them! Xebos invites: These are the real moneymakers right here, although they are petty rare. These invites will take you to a boss called “xebos” duh, killing him will grant you an event box. Before you want to kill the boss, make sure you have at least soulsplit unlocked! The invites and boxes sell for a pretty nice amount ranging from 700k - 1M dscoins! The rewards you can get from them, can be found on the wiki. Once again, I’d recommend selling them first. Clue scrolls: Clue scrolls are pretty easy to complete, these come in a variety of difficulties, in the beginning, do them all, once you’re more experienced, aim for the elite and dream scrolls. They are very easy to do, and everything is explained in the wiki. And the rewards can be very juicy! To check the difficulty, just click “check progress” and it should appear in green in the chatbox. Stuck completing a clue scroll? Just search the dreamscape wiki! Note: these are untradable. The extra’s from pinguins are: Mystery boxes: These can be a nice extra and easy to obtain from killing pinguins at ::mbox, or you can just pick them up from the players that don’t need them there! Opening them will give you some starter gear, which you can exchange at ::soulroom for dscoins. OR it can even give you a beginners pet called the mystery box pet, which gives you some droprate bonus! Note: The pet is untradeable Chrystal keys: Alot of npc’s drop these keys, and can be opened at ::soulroom, once again they give you some starter gear which you can also exchange for dscoins. These keys are tradeable. The afk'er Another way to make some easy cash, is to afk, sounds silly right? But trust me, all you have to do is type ::afk and cut some trees! Its pretty decent cash! -- In chapter two, we will go over methods for more advanced players! Good luck!
  10. Thanks for the once again amazing update!
  11. syntaxdzn

    Nicely done! I love the colors used, the yellow-purple works really well together because the logo itself uses the same colors! Something that I personally would change is on the bottom left It kinda looks kinda off with the square edges, it's as if you have forgotten to feather the overlays a little. But other than that, looks clean, keep up to good work!
  12. syntaxdzn

    Yo! I have made similar banners with the 'underwater' theme, but I've recently built a new pc and my +20gb gfx folder is gone, it had all my textures in it and couldn't really find a suited texture for this one to overlay, the work I post is mostly still WIP since I have limited resources atm, but I completely agree, I usually do add some water (ripple) effect. I also love to switch styles, started doing photomanipulation: https://imgur.com/a/JcGaTJA it started off like this for those wondering: https://i.gyazo.com/d84e16b5f4232f4fa3a2162bd58291c2.mp4
  13. syntaxdzn

    Hey GSGANG, Syntax here, but some might have seen my in-game under the name "u said" , don't ask my why I chose that name. I'm quite new to the server, been playing for about a month or two now, but I've been playing rsps's for years (ikov, epicurus,...). In game im mostly bossing, killing pinguins, flipping event boxes or just afk'ing. My name is Niels, I'm a 24-year old dude from the small country of Belgium (we're known for our beer, chocolates, waffles, having no government and french fries !) I'm currently working in a garage, but I'm going to uni in september again (Game Graphics Production). I also recently started doing GFX again. Here one of my recents works for DS, just a quick photomanipulation. It turned out pretty cool! Img size too big tho. https://imgur.com/a/JcGaTJA it started off like this for those wondering: https://i.gyazo.com/d84e16b5f4232f4fa3a2162bd58291c2.mp4 I look forward meeting y'all in game, feel free to add me to do some bossing, arcade, or just for a chat! Peace! I also made other stuff for those who want to take a look (also in my gfx showcase) Underwater alien stuff: https://imgur.com/bsjyXo8 Prototype enlog sig: https://imgur.com/eN79GLs Random https://imgur.com/qJlVzCc
  14. syntaxdzn

    Another sig (full size ; https://imgur.com/zLxrXJU )

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