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  1. Welcome to #DSGANG, hope to see you more in game. You can also join the Dreamscape Discord for additional interactions there.
  2. Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay. Just pm me or ask in help cc if you got question.
  3. One of the best day in my Dreamscape journey. Finally got a leap in my progression and also completed my collection log for Werewolf. Thank you Ransomware for buying my stuffs and Dirtymonkey for selling me a Desci dono. Hoping to progress more this time compared to the past 5 months being back in Dreamscape.

  4. Finally, on Friday the 13 of Nov. 2020, I completed this grind. 1990 kc and 69hrs approx. (based on dream pots used). Drops are in order. Halloween Scythe Broomstick (got 2 pairs, 1 after the scythe drop and another after the icon drop) Halloween Icon Chucky Doll Pet I will be grinding for more for the next days until event ends (like on Thanksgiving as staff had said before). I'll post the updates in bulk when everything ends. Happy Friday the 13th! DSGANG
  5. I got a DC arcade guide so they can refer to that too, also if its possible they can grind for the ultimate tribrid set (boots and gloves) from Dreamland for some really good boosts in stats.
  6. Prices fluctuate according to supply-demand, I would say 200k-450k.
  7. I am not sure what you get as a gear setup but I definitely would recommend DC universe arcades and Karma Slayer (Buying Abyssal Sire Tasks) for sire crystal drops. There are guides for the abyssal sire task and my guide for dc universe arcade is also up so you can look at those as reference.
  8. Those are similar to a 1$ bond, not sure if its tradeable (most likely untradeable). I haven't got that in my DC runs. Also assumed that they couldn't be sold in black market since it is not 5$ bonds.
  9. This is so true. I get to hear the question. "How to make money in this server? " a lot of times everyday in help cc. And it bothers me that the answers I can give are countable in a hand. It would be a bummer to a new player to have such kind of limitations when trying to unlock mid to end tier contents. Rest assured, I will try to pitch in possible newbie friendly contents that are decent yet will effect the game economy into a minimum.
  10. I missed the DP by a minute. I am sad.

  11. I stopped gambling for about 4 months now in game, the progression is slow but better than getting tilted along the way. Just limit gambling if cannot be avoided.
  12. Is this going to be the next pet after thanos pet? If so, I would grind for one even if it has slightly better than thanos pet. Nice idea.
  13. Here is a guide dedicated on starting DC Universe Arcades as a moneymaking method. Details of the Arcade https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Arcade#DC_Raid What to know about DC Universe Arcades as a moneymaker? It is a 5-wave instanced arcade map where each wave has a custom boss on it. These bosses are: Wave 1: Batman Wave 2: Joker Wave 3: Wonder Woman Wave 4: Superman Wave 5: Flash Target Loots for Moneymaking: As a drop: DC Universe Box (where most of your earnings come from) Batman Pieces Superman Pieces Flash Pieces For Arcad
  14. Shortcuts for clues: -Search the Boxes at the Entrance of the great Tree Village. -Search the Boxes, amidst the Abandoned Camp. (Box in front of character.) -Search the ‘Dead Body’ at the White Wolf Mountain -Pick a Thorn from the Thorny Bush, atop of the White Wolf Mountain Fastest way to go to the White Wolf Mountain (Unlike teleporting using City Teleports > Burthrope) 1. Teleport using Raids > Vendura or by typing ::joinraid2 2. Run west, going down on the druid stone circle where Vendura is, then run passing Taverly go
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