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  1. Merry Xmas from Philippines. 😄

  2. Welcome to #DSGANG, hope to see you more in game. You can also join the Dreamscape Discord for additional interactions there.
  3. Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay. Just pm me or ask in help cc if you got question.
  4. One of the best day in my Dreamscape journey. Finally got a leap in my progression and also completed my collection log for Werewolf. Thank you Ransomware for buying my stuffs and Dirtymonkey for selling me a Desci dono. Hoping to progress more this time compared to the past 5 months being back in Dreamscape.

  5. This is so true. I get to hear the question. "How to make money in this server? " a lot of times everyday in help cc. And it bothers me that the answers I can give are countable in a hand. It would be a bummer to a new player to have such kind of limitations when trying to unlock mid to end tier contents. Rest assured, I will try to pitch in possible newbie friendly contents that are decent yet will effect the game economy into a minimum.
  6. I missed the DP by a minute. I am sad.

  7. Is this going to be the next pet after thanos pet? If so, I would grind for one even if it has slightly better than thanos pet. Nice idea.
  8. IGN: Scionfrozen Rank Request: Sponsor Proof: Screenshot below
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