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    IGN: Scionfrozen Rank Request: Sponsor Proof: Screenshot below
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    What's the current issue? Dreamland QOL What's your suggested way of fixing it? There are 2 modes currently: Easy Mode: 50% less tokens but banking enabled Normal Mode: 2x tokens but disabled banking This will focus more on the normal mode. I suggest that for the normal mode, after clearing a round/wave, you would not be teleported to the bank chest and needed to enter back using the portal. Instead the rounds/waves continue immediately like in arcade. How will this benefit player/server? This can be a viable moneymaker for mid-end game players, a good grinding spot for good gloves and boots for ironman and regular players, with the ease in playing. Easier grind can be felt since you do not have to click a lot. Since banking is disabled, there is no reason to momentarily stop near the bank chest. How could this be expanded in future? To combat possible afk abuse in this mode, same poison mechanics used in arcades can be used. If eco would be affected by the possible influx of items from the dreamland in the future especially the ultimate boots and gloves, one suggestion is to make ultimate tribrid gloves/boots untradeable. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) The only possible negative effect I could have think off at the moment is the influx of dreamland store item. This could be offset with the untradeable mechanic listed above.
  3. ign: Scionfrozen discord: Scionfrozen#4749

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