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  1. Quackers

    Thanks for hosting the event! Love me some scav exp!
  2. Quackers

    Oooof, so many boxes! Not to bad rewards though! Thanks for sharing the rewards from all the boxes.
  3. Quackers

  4. Quackers

    Also 35 and 36! https://gyazo.com/83545bf05f4ce51a1643e3555b8c9c18 https://gyazo.com/c605a5c05c919b925272972b530cdb59
  5. Quackers

    And 42 😄 https://gyazo.com/5740acff48dc779b409bb53ca6a35682
  6. Quackers

    Can I have 20 and 25? https://gyazo.com/9f678fbc59b4f67e4aa9055ad431f6d4 https://gyazo.com/f2a0f3c6c6e4e92ff1b4abd15e1d04ab
  7. Quackers

    More events from the one and only Bodhi! Oh Yeah! And good luck to everyone.
  8. Nice job on the update! Cant wait to grind for the new items! And so glad to see the old dicezone back! 😄
  9. Quackers

    Love reading about all the updates that are happening within the server. And CONGRATS to everyone on there new positions!
  10. Quackers

  11. Quackers

  12. Quackers

    Wow just wow! I love your dedication to grinding those bosses! Keep the updates coming, love seeing the progress you are making.
  13. Quackers

    Totally agree with this. I understand that its the old area and people loved it, but its just to small. If you are fping and have a few RP, half the space is taken up just from that. =/
  14. Quackers

  15. Quackers

    Thanks for the boxes man! Love these kind of events, keep up the great work!