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  1. Sen jr

    Would love to see the some of the customs added to wiki, only for the people that want to show their items, and show their stats. Could make some people more willing to donate. Pro's: Could make for more donations. Could Also increace the amount of customs that get traded. Con's: Not too sure really, its not bad to get more custom armours or weapon in the Game.
  2. Sen jr

    Hi mister @Twituchu Would love to see you updating this once a week or so, to see how good you are doing! Thinking about posting on my own, since my kc got reset, loot from 0-1m kc or so Best of luck mate!
  3. Sen jr

    Great to see that you share and inform us about whats to come, and the starte of the server atm! Hope to see more of these! -Sen
  4. New arcade stuff!!! Keep those sweet updates coming! Thanks to a great Dev team! K3
  5. Best one yet, impressed that you guys love us that much! Thanks to Drax, Chuck and the Plat team for giving us this much! -Sen
  6. Sign me up! IGN; Sen JR Rank; Plat Disc; #senpar1141
  7. Sen jr

    Congratz to all winner! Enjoy your new custom!
  8. Sen jr

    Username; Sen JR Rank; Platinum Proof;

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