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  1. I have mixed views about the update, but you guys do an incredible job at listening to the general population and implementing great content, keep up the great work! I am excited for the next update already and can not wait to see what happens with the soulsplit votes given by the DSgang. I would like to see some sort of leniency with Executive members and ELO in the future... Thank you again for all of the long hours and hard work, it does not go unnoticed!!
  2. Just curious, but when will the winner be announced? 😄
  3. I would like to enter for my ironman, Ironchaos944. 😄
  4. Another successful update! I cannot wait to see what the next one brings!! 😄 Good Job to all the staff! +1
  5. Chaos944

    I agree with both posts, make it to where it is automatically picked up, and use it to power the bracelet. If it is used for the bracelet, make ether not-tradeable to prevent any adverse economy effects.
  6. Chaos944

    IGN-Chaos944 #79. I have not received the DSGO keys. 😕

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