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  1. Welcome everyone to the Dreamscape Custom specific fashionscape event! In this event we will be seeing who can make the best outfit out of the customs only available in Dreamscape! What this fully means is you may only use customs from Dreamscape, no base RS items! I look forward to what you guys can come up with, rules prizes and info on how to enter below! Rules: 1. All submissions must follow the Dreamscape rules. 2. You may only enter once, but can change your outfit. All entries will be reviewed on the end date. 3. Only one of your accounts can enter, making multiple accounts to enter will get your removed from the competition. 4. You must use only Dreamscape custom items, no base RS items allowed. How to enter: 1. Post your in game name on your post. 2. Attach your picture to the thread, I will not be opening any links. 3. Make sure it follows all the rules of the competition. Prizes To Be Won: First Place: AK-47 Asiimov! Second Place: Eternal Khiones Staff! Third Place: Avery's Ring! Static Prize: Two Event Boxes! Hope you all have fun in this event and good luck to everyone! This event will run from today to July 25th when the winners will be announced!
  2. Return of the Dreamers Weekly Drop Event. Dear Dreamscape Community, This event is all about PVMING! Every week a new item will be posted in which you must obtain via a drop. Once you have obtained it, you post a screenshot of both the announcement of the item and the time/date in which you received it. I will be able to look back through to confirm if you received the drop at that time or NOT! A list of 20 numbers will be put into the thread and for every time someone receives a drop, their name will be added to the list! Once this list hits 20, or the end of the week is up, a Random Number Generated pick will choose the winners! There is also a static prize of 1 event box so if you make the list, you win either way! Please read the rules and follow them! 1. You must provide both the server announcement and time/date obtained to qualify. 2. Double drops count as 1 entry! 3. You are allowed to be on the list more than once. Each entry must be a different drop and time/date. 4. You may use whatever gear you would like. 5. You must comment your entry below. Pm's in-game or discord DO NOT COUNT. 6. You may only receive the required item by the NPC that drops it. NO OTHER WAY COUNTS. 1st Place: A random $25 goodie box + 3 event boxes. 2nd Place: 6 Event Boxes + 5m Cash. 3rd Place: 6 event boxes. Static Prize: 1 Event Box. ITEMS TO GET IS: A DREAM ARMOR PIECE FROM ANY OF THE RAIDS! (VOLDEMORT, OG DRAGON, DIABLO.) Current Potential Winners: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. l337 5killz 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Remember the final day for drop submissions will be on Friday the 19th of July 12 am EST. Best of luck dreamers you'll need it this week! Regards C1.
  3. C h r i s

    The time has once again come to vote on the member of the month for July. The following players were nominated for member of the month by staff based on 3 categories! - Most active - Most Friendly - Most Helpful & other skills. Congratulations to all nominees! Click on the poll option at the top of this thread to vote for who you think deserves member of the month July. 1. 808Raptor 2. Steroids 3. Sperm Dibber Good luck everyone! Please note: Do not ask others to vote for you, it will result your votes being removed.
  4. C h r i s

    Guys!!! Honestly you've outdone yourselves, this is amazing, well written, and you can honestly see the time and effort that has been put into it, K3.
  5. C h r i s

    @Flamekiller No worries my man! I started today and should be done tomorrow, if you want me to send me a DM on discord, I can send you all of the screenshots + statistics i collect that would be amazing ^.^.
  6. C h r i s

    IGN - C1 Please don't make this boi do 5k corp kills without an OC, at that point, it's just torture. If ya want @Arcenine I could do the kills for you and send you the screenshot of the loot. ❤️ - Cjr
  7. C h r i s

    @syntaxdzn Amazing guide my man, you can really tell the amount of time and effort that was put into it as well as you've put it into an easy to read context with awesome graphics for newer players to understand. A+!!!
  8. C h r i s

    Yo welcome back my man, haven't seen you in what feels like a year or so 😛 - Cjr
  9. C h r i s

    interesting idea, so it's like a sense of prestige owning one of these 'rare' items, rather than being able to just buy it with your dicing winnings, im totally all for that, will in future show who the real Og's are 😛
  10. C h r i s

    definitely in support of this, off of the top of my head, the last time I did a daily task was almost 2 years ago, whilst playing my ironman ahaha. However, I'm also in agreeance with @regis as I don't believe we should be forcing newer players to head to ::dicezone as a part of a daily task system. Overall i'm totally for a complete and utter revamp of the task system. - Cjr
  11. C h r i s

    Welcome my man!! - C1
  12. C h r i s

    Username: C1 Rank In-game: Executive Proof (screenshot):
  13. C h r i s

    Awesome I've been waiting my man, time to get on the necrogrind :D.
  14. C h r i s

    totally agree, it's too often I see a new player struggling to kill penguins as higher level players are camping them with their aoe. Not to mention the current penguin bot problem, I'm totally in support of this being updated.