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  1. This week we really focused on the PVM experience ultimately breaking down some of the underwhelming pieces of content, from the revamp of the Steroid Penguins to a total overhaul of the World Boss System! Dreamscape Update 121 has a little something for everyone! Today we introduce something revolutionary to the RSPS Scene in the form of Mega Rare Droptables! Mega Rare Droptables are a brand new way for you to increase your profit And possibly get a rare 1 in-game item!
  2. It's that time again! Today we bring you a much needed insane overhaul of a tonne of content! From the achievement system, to Penguins This update has a little something for everyone! After a tonne of suggestions we have decided to give the Black Diamond Box a little TLC! Without further ado! I introduce The Obsidian Virtus Set! The Obsidian Virtus set will give you that extra edge in all PVM scenario's! Rocki
  3. @splitrunner Sounds great man! Awesome suggestion will be looking into it!
  4. For Dreamscapes 5 Year anniversary we've decided to go all out! and really give back to the community with some insane never before seen price cuts in the Donator Store! The Khiones Staff! The Ak-47 Assimov! The Executive Cape! The Emperors Necklace! All $50 Goodieboxes!
  5. It's that time again! Today we bring you a much needed Mini patch! From the reimplementation of DS-Social to the Addition of new Dicezone! This Patch has a little something for everyone! After countless requests, and ultimately feeling that the current Dicezone has ultimately broken up the gambling community we have decided to bring back the One and Only! Party-Room Dice Zone! Equipped with all of the current gambling features, including the roulette tables, 55x2 hosts and much, much more!
  6. Thank you for all the love guys! Honestly truly appreciated K3
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