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  1. Hc Curse

    I vouch for this its really annoying when you play on Resizable client.
  2. Hc Curse

    I really like this suggestion, adds more vibe to my bank
  3. Hc Curse

    Welcome back Vaider!
  4. Hc Curse

    Welcome back Mcfeast !
  5. Hc Curse

    Welcome back Searwen!
  6. Merry Christmas everyone !

  7. Hc Curse

    Very well detailled guide on how to kill Enraged Hades. I will use this guide for sure when im gonna kill Enraged Hades!
  8. Hc Curse

    Welcome back Cue! hope you enjoy your stay with the DSGANG family!
  9. IGN: Hc Curse Discord: #hunterzzzzzz (6 times z)

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