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  1. Hc Curse

    I vouch for this its really annoying when you play on Resizable client.
  2. Hc Curse

    I really like this suggestion, adds more vibe to my bank
  3. Hc Curse

    Welcome back Vaider!
  4. Hc Curse

    Welcome back Mcfeast !
  5. Hc Curse

    Welcome back Searwen!
  6. Merry Christmas everyone !

  7. Hc Curse

    Very well detailled guide on how to kill Enraged Hades. I will use this guide for sure when im gonna kill Enraged Hades!
  8. Hc Curse

    Welcome back Cue! hope you enjoy your stay with the DSGANG family!
  9. Hc Curse

    Username: Hc CircleRank In-game: ExecutiveProof (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/885b8048089b53758878581549fc83f2
  10. IGN: Hc Curse Discord: #hunterzzzzzz (6 times z)

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