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  1. Wow, huge updates!! The coin system is going to help the economy so much, simply a fantastic idea!
  2. Raspberrys

    Congrats!! That is an awesome accomplishment
  3. Raspberrys

    Hi 1Chef, welcome . Hope to see you around!!
  4. Raspberrys

    Great idea! It's definitely nice for anyone who doesn't have a custom avatar!
  5. Raspberrys

    Congratulations to all the winners! Well deserved
  6. Raspberrys

    Thanks for sharing! Your graphics look great! Super clean and professional looking
  7. Can’t make it tonight 😞 but good luck everyone!!
  8. Raspberrys

    Looks great thank you!!
  9. Raspberrys

    Product: Avatar and signature Text 1: Raspberrys Text 2 (optional): Color(s): Red/dark red (color of the fruit) Theme?: Not sure. Mostly interesting looking text with some nice particles etc, around it Picture (optional): Thanks!
  10. Awesome, I'm definitely in! IGN & Discord both: Raspberrys
  11. Raspberrys

    Very nice! Cool to see such variety of drops
  12. Raspberrys

    Congrats to the winners!!
  13. Nice update!! Love seeing work continue to be done on the server 😄
  14. Raspberrys

    Wow those are clean. Great job
  15. Raspberrys

    Wow that's insane loot!!

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