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  1. Cjbear

    thread closed due to a similar suggestion that has been given!
  2. Cjbear

    Hey max, it hurts to see you go, I know you have done a lot, A LOT for the server! you did such a great job managing wiki! without it, I don't think dreamscape will be where it is currently at ! all the new players who use it, heck! even I myself, I do use it as well! I want to say, Thank you for all the hard work you have done for the server!! I know the last edition of Dreamers monthly(that will be done by you) will the best and the saddest one ever, with you leaving. I will miss the nights where I stay up just to chat with you in-game and have fun together.. I hope you find back the love and dedication someday. I hope you do well in whatever you are doing and your current job treats you better instead of paying you late XD I will always remember that you are the one that helped me finished and edited my guide!!! you know me, I will always be on discord ready to chat with ya! you can always hit me up if you ever need a listening ear again! your one and only teddy bear -CJ
  3. Cjbear

    Honestly, no vouch for this suggestion. your suggestion is to allow ironman to " drop trade over to your main accounts." this is going to disrupt the economy because ironman has a HIGHER drop rate compared to regular accounts. Ironmen have a higher drop rate and luck % is because they are expected to get their gears independently. if you play an iron man account just to farm for your main regular account, it defeats the purpose.
  4. Cjbear

    Please visit support via https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/support/ submit a ticket regarding the issue.
  5. Cjbear

    Hello and welcome aboard alyssa ! hope you will stick around the forums as it is quite a fun place to be 😄 if you need any help like what canada said ! you can always ask away with any of us!
  6. I’ll do one up on my free time pm me on discord to input your suggestions on what u want in the guide
  7. Event is only opened to our valued Platinum Partners! A Casino Royale is basically Dice Duel Tournament and Flower Poker Tournament! Back to back tournament! for those of you who are not platinum. Feel free to come down and spectate the tournament! A total of $1550 to be won! Open to Platinum Partners ONLY! Date: 9th September 2019 Venue: SPAWNZONE / DISCORD! Time: 2 PM EST! 500 x DSGO Keys! 5 x Black Diamond Box! worth $ 850! 2 x Black Diamond Box! 200 DSGO Keys! worth $ 350! 4 x 2K19 BOX! 200 DSGO Keys! worth $ 350! We will see you there Platinum Partners!!
  8. Only Executive ranks + can participate in this event! Feel free to sign up by leaving your IGN in this thread! A total of $1000+to be won! Open to EXECUTIVE RANK + ONLY! Date: 6th September 2019! Venue: SPAWNZONE! DISCORD AS WELL! Time: 2 PM EST! 5 X BLACK DIAMOND BOX ! 200 x DSGO KEYS! worth $ 650! 2 X Black Diamond Box! 100 x DSGO KEYS! worth $ 275! 3 x 2K19 BOXES 100 x DSGO KEYS! worth $ 225! We will see you there!
  9. This Event is opened to Sponsors ranks and above. Feel free to sign up By leaving your IGN on this thread! A total of $1050 to be won! Open to Sponsor Rank + ONLY! Date : 2nd September 2019 Venue : Dicezone ! DISCORD AS WELL! Time: 2 PM EST! 5 x Black Diamond Box! worth $500 2 x (1-5) Goodie box of choice! worth $400 3 X 2K19 BOX! worth $ 150! We will see you there! Of course, we are going to have a pinata party as well
  10. A total of $1075 to be won! Open to ALL! Date: 29th August 2019 Venue: home and :: bg ! DISCORD AS WELL! Time: 2 PM EASTERN TIME EMPEROR's NECKLACE THAT IS RIGHT! worth $ 800! 4 x 2K19 BOXES worth $ 200! 100 x DSGO KEYS! worth $ 75! We will see you there!
  11. Cjbear

    Event entry closed! Winner of this event is @izuchi with his HAREM story! rest of you will receive your event boxes! items will be added to your collection chest!
  12. Cjbear

    well I am no pro at GFX however i feel like the word " Dream " is like being the Focus of the entire image, so your brain will sort of not see the word scape haha, overall looks really good!
  13. Looks really nicely done! haha, consider joining the news-team :) ? thank you for the opportunity to kick start your spotlight
  14. Cjbear

    Thread moved to the right section!
  15. Cjbear

    Guide Updated : New PVM money maker , added in flame virtus for mage