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  1. Sorry i meant ironman account my bad* typo
  2. This patch we are going to focus on the bug fixes we are going to address all of them and giving Dreamers a better experience in Dreamscape! We have decided to allow Bonds to be Eligible to be used for GoodieBags entry You can now donate X amount of Bonds to enter Goodiebags that are activated by the Admins Hosting the Goodiebag ! However they are still not eligible for Customs Visual Bug fixes with Hades Sword interaction with Pikachu NPC Fixed Executive Zone's NPC to be giving Executive points per kill Adjusted that Executive Dragon cannot be one hit Adjusted Executive Dragon's spawn time Fixed issue with Executive zone. You will need the cape to one hit. ::train npcs should all give train points Fixed issue with ::train shop not being able to purchase anything Fixed Strykewyrm minigame phase 2, Blood strykewyrm. Corrected the Hp Fixed Strykewyrm minigame when you end the minigame, should tele you back to the new home Made all Competitive Account to Ironman Accounts Fixed issue with Groudon Pet not giving bonuses Groudon Pet is now tradable Pinata Stick is now tradable Fixed Bonds to be Tradable Custom Donation Sweaty's Drip and Drop Platinum Loot Crate Item Platinum Thumper
  3. As some of you may know, at the beginning of this year we started Dreamscape's Platinum Partnership! https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/22975-dreamscpe-platinum-partnership/ One of the perks of being a part of this highly exclusive VIP club is a monthly loot box. Today we release more details on the contents of this loot box! As part of the platinum partnership, you will be eligible for monthly loot crates (equivalent of 12 total). E.g. If you become eligible for the platinum partnership in March 2018, you will receive 12 loot crates from March 2018 until February 2019. Contents of NOVEMBER Loot Crate 2019 Item 1 Platinum Thumper Value: $1350 Item 2 $150 Custom Scroll Value: $150 Item 3 25 x Antique Lamps Value : Untradable Item 4 10 x Black Diamond Boxes Value : $1000 Total Value: $2,500 Regards, Chuck and the Platinum Partnership Concierge team. - Notes - This platinum crate will be the last crate that will be released on the 15th of every month Next crate, will be release on the 1st of every month!
  4. Cjbear

    Approved will be reviewing the cost / number of items and items that can be upgraded.
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    Approving my own suggestion lel.
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    Suggestion accepted
  7. Hello fellow Dreamers! In today's update we are introducing the long awaited Executive Zone Revamp, Wilderness Shop update, ::train shop , Strykewyrm Mini Game Rework and many more! Introducing the all NEW Executive Zone for our Executive Donors! Not only they have a WHOLE NEW ZONE they have their own Executive Boss! Location when u tele in PVM AREA NPC AREA Portal AREA NEW EXECUTIVE BOSS Been wanting to get those big items from the Donator Store but can't seem to find a Big Donator? Been looking to sell your donation however you can't seem to find a buyer? Bonds is your solution! There will be only a $5 Bond! Bonds itself are tradable When you claim the bond. You will receive Donator Tickets Donator Tickets are untradable 1 Donator ticket = $1 You can spend your Donator Tickets at the Donator Ticket Shop to Purchase items Bonds are not applicable for ::Deals Bonds are not applicable for Custom Donations Introducing the all NEW Revamped Strykewyrm Mini Game! You will still need 5000 DS Coins to enter Phase 2 You will need Different form of combat for this phase, Melee , Range , Mage Strykewyrm Mini Game Drop Table Common drops 50 - 100 Strykewyrm Shards Rare 100 - 250 Strykewyrm Shards Ultra Rare - 1000 Strykewyrm Shards Ultra Rare 1 x Random piece of Strykewyrm armor Ultra Rare - Lava Strykewyrm Pet Strykewyrm Mini Game Shop Strykewyrm Pet Stats : 500 Burn Damage 10% Drop rate 10% Double Drop rate 5% Luck Bonus Gives a Bonus Rate of getting Rares + from the strykewyrm minigame You can now combine the Blood, Acidic, Shadow Strykewyrm set and 150m ds coins to get the new Lava Strykewyrm Set Giving you 35% Drop Rate, 35% Double Drop Rate and 25% Luck ::train has been improved to give newer players an alternative to progression! Each NPC kills you do at ::train will give you 1 train point You can Spend your Train points at the Train shops located at ::train We have decided to update the Wilderness shop because it was feeling outdated and lacking with this new shops, it will help players to progress towards getting higher tier weapons and having a better variety of items to choose from the shop! Gold DS Coin -------------------------------- 6000 Wilderness Points Golden Scratch Card ------------------------ 2000 Wilderness Points Rare Scratch Card --------------------------- 2000 Wilderness Points Dynamic Scratch Card ---------------------- 2000 Wilderness Points Super Mystery Box -------------------------- 3000 Wilderness Points Invictus Box ---------------------------------- 3000 Wilderness Points Tactical Box ------------------------------------ 6000 Wilderness Points Box of Wisdom ------------------------------- 20000 Wilderness Points Ring of Wealth (i) ------------------------------ 1000 Wilderness Points Ring of Morphing ------------------------------- 4000 Wilderness Points Avery Ring -------------------------------------- 25000 Wilderness Points Collector's Necklace ----------------------------- 12000 Wilderness Points Donator Ticket ------------------------------------- 9000 Wilderness Points Scroll of Protection ------------------------------- 20000 Wilderness Points Scroll of Fire ---------------------------------------- 20000 Wilderness Points Ascension Crossbow ---------------------------------- 300 Wilderness Points Ascension Crossbow off hand ------------------------ 300 Wilderness points LongClaw --------------------------------------------- 20000 Wilderness Points Sword of Protectorate ------------------------------- 25000 Wilderness Points Minigun ------------------------------------------------ 15000 Wilderness Points Glacier Staff -------------------------------------------- 12000 Wilderness Points Khione staff --------------------------------------------- 25000 Wilderness Points Revenant Orc Pet ----------------------------------------- 20000 Wilderness Points Revenant Dragon Pet ------------------------------------ 20000 Wilderness Points You asked! We Listened! Introducing a better Platinum Shop for our Beloved Platinum Partners! You will need 500k Platinum Tokens to unlock the full shop! Once unlocked you will get access to the new items in the shop permanently Some of the items in the shop have a buy limit daily / weekly so Platinum Partner will not flood the market with specific items! You can now sell your Platinum Icon, Platinum Tenderiser, Platinum Party Hat, Platinum Maul for 20% of the value back to the shop We are finally announcing a closure for competitive season. all current competitive accounts will be reverted to regular accounts. Current running competitive season will only be judge based on a overall winner OVERALL COMPETITIVE WINNER Completion A.K.A Pegs Legs * please pm CJBear to regards of your Reward on discord * Introducing the new Pinata stick! you can obtain it from EVENT BOXES 1 in 500 chance to get it! Its the only item allowed when attacking pinatas! We have added Cosmetic Armor Set to the Donator Chest pin! Lava Torva Set Lava Pernix Set Lava Virtus Set Good luck Dreamers ! Before we release the items into the chest we will be announcing it on discord and in game do look out for it! Fixed Enrage Hades Tablet drop not giving more than two. Fixed Restores, when stats are reduced. Drinking a Restore will now properly restore your stats Fixed Tribrid Inferno Cape not giving Magic Damage Bonus and Range Strength Bonus Fixed Visual issue with Shadow Pet when someone else tries to pick up the pet. Removed certain server announcements, example Duel halo sword drop announcements Added a feature to turn off drop,upgrade and soul chest notification of other players You can now cancel Daily Task if its too difficult Change Emblem's Drop notification color to RED instead of Green Removed NPC " Youtube Advisor " All competitive accounts will be converted to regular accounts Removed the option to create competitive accounts Changed dynamic boxes prices in arcade shop to 20k tokens Option to turn off drop announcements of other players Added Option to use X lamps for exp lamps Updated the visual of the Plat Dragon and Plat Dragon Pet Corrected Endless arcade rewards giving the correct amount of tokens based on your wave clear Added a bonus for the first clear of Endless arcade, 100k tokens for the first clear Buffed ::boost to last for 20 minutes with a cool down of 1 hour Added a portal at home to teleport players to the OLD home to complete certain clues Black market dealer will now buy Mystery Boxes for 1k Ds coins Thumper, BFG9000, Infinity Aura, Charged Infinity Gauntlets, Thanos Pet are now trade-able Added a POS manager in the Sponsor Zone Fixed an issue with Dream potions Fixed issues with starter task to clear off once you have completed instead of relogging Custom Donation Apocalypse Custom Donation amfisca schlong Custom Donation HC fiire BFGs x2 stats Custom Donation Sweatyb's Gloves Custom Donation Connor's Blanket Custom Donation Connor's Sceptre
  8. Please visit https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/support/ and submit your relevant documents with a ticket. also.. just be patient bout it. Thanks!
  9. Aye Dreamers, in today's update we are finally bringing you the long await Halloween patch and boxes! We are also revamping our vote rewards to bring more value for players who vote for us! The long await Halloween Quest is here in DreamScape to stay till the 18/11/2019 You can start the quest at the north of home near the altars ::altar works too After asking Jack the Scarecrow what's the issue, he will ask you to look for the witch! You can look for the witch at Draynor Village Look for the witch's cat somewhere in Draynor village. Pick up the cat and head back to the witch. The witch will hand you items to give Jack the scarecrow. Head back to Jack and the Quest will be completed! You will get the Jack Lantern Mask and a BroomStick 1,000,000 Scavenger Exp and 5m cash Introducing to you Dreamers ! The Brand new Halloween Box! It will only be available on the store for a limited period of time! Opening the box, you will be given 1 x Random Cash up to 20m ds coins! 1 x Halloween Theme Cosmetic piece! 1 x Random Reward of PVM gear! ( A rare chance to get 1 of the 2 Halloween Theme 1 hit stats Item ) Custom and Textured The Brand new Forgotten Olaf Scythe and The H'ween Maul Every Purchase of this box = 1 entry towards a raffle. At the end of the Halloween Event ( 11/18/2019 ) The Winner will be announced via the Forum! $1000 in CUSTOM CREDIT! Introducing the all NEW Shadow Pet ! This is the revolutionary pet that will change the way you PVM! It will mimic your character's movement , always lurking behind you! Even when you are attacking an NPC the shadow will attack together with you! giving you an additional hit. Shadow Pet's Stats deals 30% of player's damage as an additional hit. Prayer Restore Healing effects 20% drop rate 20% double rate 20% Luck 20% damage boost to melee, mage and range Passive cash that stacks with Emperor's Necklace based on your donor rank This pet will only be available in the store for $800 Early Bird Special! The Price will be $500 till 11/18/2019 Preview We have decided to make these selected items Trade-able again! Dream Pieces, BFG9000 Off hand, Helicopter Pet, Emperor's Ring, Emperor's Necklace, Lava Minigun, Lava Scythe and all Auras except the Infinity Aura. It has been a long time coming! But it is finally here! Today we have finally updated and improved our vote rewards! Instead of getting codes where you will have to key it in. You can now use ::claim and get your NEW "Vote Tickets" This vote tickets is the new currency for Votes. You can trade them! We have also added a new NPC to ::shops The Vote Shop! - Strykewyrm Minigame teleport has been placed beside the Slayer Master at home - Included Protection Prayers in the Donor Prayer Book - Xebos invitation will now stop you from using more than 1 - Alpha Penguin Caves should stop randomly killing people with a ' 99 poison hit ' when entering - Buying drygore off hands will now limit to 28 per inventory - Black Market Dealer will now only take in Impling jars - Fixed Legendary Boxing Gloves spelling error in name - Fixed Charged Infinity Gauntlets U - Fixed Hades Cleaver U - You can only right click pets now, it will not affect your clicks when u are pvm-ing - Added a new command ::callpet to return pets to inventory - Fixed issue with pick pocketing, now gives DS Coins instead of Coins. - Fixed issue with having two kinds mystery box - Fixed Daily Task giving a fixed reward when spinning - Reduced the rate of getting Khione Staff from Daily task - Fixed Overload and Prayer Boost to stats applying the correct formula - Fixed Achievement " Witch Hunter " will now progress correctly - Disabled Bank button to be used at any instances H'ween Maul Obtainable from Halloween Box Olaf's Forgotten Scythe Obtainable from Halloween Box God's Slayer Custom Donation Hc Fiire's Inferno Dreams Custom Donation Quackerjacks and Aflac Custom Donation
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    i got cleaned by @hc spiderman
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    Accepted and implemented
  12. Hey there Dreamers this patch! we are focusing on knocking out every known and reported bug! Requested Quality of Life Changes! All these have been heard! - Xebos Invitation are now stackable. - Event Boxes are now stackable. - ::shops teleports you to the front of the shops East of Home. - Starter Task 2/17 was giving players wrong information on where the altar is, it's corrected now. - Starter Task 16/17 was giving the wrong information of the reward upon completion. it's corrected. - Arcade Teleport ::arcade now teleports you infront of the arcade console. - Completing Arcade will now teleport you back to the front of the Arcade console. - Added a Daily Attempt limit to Hellmode Arcade 3 times a day, 24 hourly. - Nerf Hellmode Arcade token by 50%. - Enrage Hades Drop has been fixed where players were receiving a "null" it is corrected now. - Hades Pet Buff, being a difficult boss to slay, the pet deserves a well deserving buff instead of it being a cosmetic pet. Hades Pet stats : 10% drop rate , 10% double drop rate , 10% luck , 20% tribrid damage boost, Healing effect , Prayer Restore effect, " Burn effect " inflicting passive 750 burn damage. - Emperor's Ring Buff : Removed 30% range Damage Boost, Now has a 30% Tribrid Damage Boost. - ::roofs to toggle roofs. - BFG9000 U fixed. Has 10% drop rate bonus , 10% double drop rate bonus , 10% luck bonus Hits. fixed the aoe to hit 9 x 9 properly. -A new command to check your daily task, ::task this way you do not have to constantly go back and check on what's left. - 2 bank booths at ::dicezone working as intended now. - Karma item , Fitbit should be giving agility exp now when equipped. - Black Market Dealer now takes impling jars and junk for ds coins. - Raids Daily Task now will take the top 3 damage dealer instead of the top damage dealer. - Dream Mystery box , reward text fixed when you get 500B now gives the correct text 500 ds coins - When leveling Hunter, it will now say Hunter, instead of construction. - disabled ::bank for abyssalsire and other instances.
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    Accepted . pending review
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    Accepted, Pending Review.
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    Accepted . pending review