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  1. With a heavy heart, this is probably my final post for DS I have been inactive with DS due to my commitments in real life. due to my RL work, I am unable to work on DS which is probably why @Jladams was the one who posted the latest update thread he was taught well and he will continue on the legacy! I will probably pop around left and right to see what's been good -those who still wanna keep in contact with me, you personally know where to find me on discord pms Thank you everyone who have supported me from the bottom of my heart, from the day i
  2. Changed Player Own Shops to show full value of price instead Fixed Arcade being non multi Fixed a rare error of regular Arcade instances Fixed platinum boss attacking issue Fixed Platinum partner’s vortex prayer bug Fixed Platinum Zone’s groudon issue Fixed New platinum prayer, now giving the correct boost of stats Fixed Skilling Island Clipping isse Fixed multiple errors with daily task reward Fixed expert daily task reward Fixed Clue Scroll rewards giving incorrect items Fixed Raiden raid drop rate value Fixed skilling island
  3. Change logs -Increase the difficulty of DC universe Raid Updated Hp and difficulty of the raid -fix a bug with DC universe Box Removed Donator Tickets -Improved the rates of Grinder 20% to fail an item > 10% to fail an item
  4. In this week's update we will be addressing all community's input from suggestions, releasing some new content as well as new platinum partner's prayers! However with Everyone in the development team, working twice as hard, The update has become a MASSIVE UPDATE its packed full of content, revamps and many more A Brand New Box with much better rewards for players which includes a NEW Arrow slot item! A brand new executive totem goodiebox! New Skilling Island! Bosses adjustments!! Scroll down and find out all of them in full details!
  5. It has been a long while since we have released an update! However it is FINALLY HERE! This update we are focus on tackling 2 issues, Raids 1 - 5 and The all new boss, Alchemical Hydra plus a ton of Quality of Life improvements! Without further ado, lets get started by showcasing them all below ! Alchemical Hydra with a slight twist of custom HP and loots! Mechanics are close to 1:1 to the original which is what some players have always look for when dealing with Bosses, unique mechanics that will challenge your maneuverability and q
  6. In this Patch notes, we will be addressing all bugs and addressing concerns we have seen in Bug reports. Before the the notes, a little teaser and a few things to mention! The Hydra boss is still in the works of coding and getting it 100% fully function with a twist of our CUSTOM touch! We are looking into areas to improve as well Things that will be in discussion and set to work on in the future updates! 1. ::upgrade - this zone is in need of a rework as it looks outdated. 2. Custom Slayer - Slayer has
  7. Quote of the Day!
    Effort + Wrong Tools = No Results.


    1. Adams


      I figured this one out the hard way on my recent projects lol

    2. Vaider
  8. Suggestion implemented -----------thread closed -----------
  9. Suggestion in review - reason - Alpha Penguin spot is mainly used for Slayer, if players even do them. Lets hear what the community has to say first before we decide on anything
  10. A Small patch to address all current issues with World Boss, Bug Fixes, Customs and a little update on starter task. The starter task has been revamped to be 11 task instead of the tedious 17 task! rewards are still the same of 25% drop rate boost for 10hours. This New starter Task will educate New comers on the whereabouts on our Brand NEW and improved (Hopefully the final) HOME on a side note ( for new comers, we have an awesome wiki page for you to learn everything about the game! ) Click me for something amazing!
  11. Easter Event is finally here as it's a Dreamscape's tradition! Threatre of Blood has been updated as well to fit our current majority of player's damage output and of course improved rewards! Start Gearing up and recruiting parties! Because it's going to be worthwhile! Easter is a little late this year! However, better late than never am i right guys? You can start the easter event at our NEW home! look for Bouncy Guy Once you have went through the dialogue with him, he will ask you to collect some chocolate eggs for him!
  12. The Long await and massively teased update is finally here! A whole new system for this very unique raid, players have always complained about the simplicity of our raid, we have made it so its difficult! complex! and mechanically challenged! put your PVM skills to the test and see how well are you ! Scroll down to find out more! Introducing the all new Starwars Raid! Popular characters of Mandalorian and StormTroopers! Collect the BEST IN SLOT armor and Craft your own Bes'kar Bars! An Unique Armor system that will keep you wanting
  13. This mini patch is focused on some minor fixes, Custom Upgrades, a NEW Raid Shop and a NEW RAID This is to keep players excited for the upcoming patch which will be teased at the end of the update thread! Stay Excited! Raid 7 Arrav Warrior Raid Accessible via ::joinraid7 Raid will only start if there are 3 players in the map. The boss has 2 phases Phase 1 Boss weapon: Sword and Shield Boss will randomly shout Absolute Defence 90% defence boost for 15secs Cool down 1 m
  14. suggestion accepted Dreamzone teleport command to be added Dreamzone teleport price reduced Dreamzone premium entry ( instanced and multi )
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