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  1. Erunamo

    I fully vouch for this idea however... I would do this more towards mid game, there is a huge gap between EKS and inf gaunt charged and AK47 asiimov and BFG9000s, this would help players get into end game or mid game
  2. Erunamo

    Suggestion has been taken down, please lock and archive.
  3. Erunamo

    Im going to have to agree with this, it’s a massive grind for starter players.
  4. Erunamo

    This guide is actually extremely helpful for the people who haven’t done Hydra on OSRS. Spot on mate.
  5. Erunamo

    Username: Erunamo Rank In-game: Extreme Proof (Screenshot):
  6. Erunamo

    Thread has been updated with some more suggestions regarding the topic!

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