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  1. izuchi

    You will be truly missed Canada my man! You're one of the most humble of people I had ever met my man. I hope wherever you go in life takes you far! Best of luck to you and you will truly be missed! ❤️ ~ Kaiser
  2. izuchi

    Welcome to Dreamscape!!!
  3. izuchi

    This is awesome! Thanks so much guys! *wink* The energy drinks hehe
  4. izuchi

    Happy Birthday man! Awesome of you to do this!
  5. izuchi

    Well done! I love reading these! Keep up the good work guys! 😄
  6. izuchi

    Hey man, when life calls you got to do what you have to do brotha. Hope everything works out for ya in the future and you can come back one day! Was nice to chat with ya here and there stud! 😄
  7. izuchi

    When they see so much masculinity that they become weak in the knees. Who doesn't love themselves a goooood Harem? 😏
  8. LMAO! Hi buddy 😄
  9. izuchi

    Hi 😄
  10. izuchi

    Haha this is awesome! I love it Drax!
  11. izuchi

    Love this progress Twitchu! The grind is real!