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  1. izuchi

    Better organize that, ugly af looking tab
  2. izuchi

    Opened most of my xebos invites, here is some of the loot, as I didn't include some items that you could get from the event boxes, I tried to include the main things you can and are able to get. Also I forgot about some of the items you can pull from these boxes! :') This was done with 125 Scavenger. Enjoy! Before: After:
  3. izuchi

    Agreed to make xebos & event boxes stackable imo, its already tedious enough when you have over 100... VOUCH!
  4. izuchi

    Gratz everyone!
  5. izuchi

    Best of luck all!
  6. LETS GET IT!~!! FINALLY!!! POG!!!
  7. izuchi

    Always love reading these! Keep it up guys!
  8. izuchi

    Vouch 100%
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