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    I'm sure I'm not the only one who was on break for a month or so and came back to find their account was reset pretty far back. Read up a bit on the issue the past few days and as unfortunate as it was, to set a deadline that the player must adhere to in order for a refund of any items, that ends exactly one day before a big update, seems rather harsh. I understand double dipping or dishonesty and that at the end of the day you guys are running a business. I'm not arguing those facts.... but a mistake that was neither your fault or mine shouldn't have such drastic effects on the players and such a relatively short amount of time to rectify these problems. Accuracy > Speed regarding issues like these yet it seems like the latter was prioritized. I spent time instead of money playing your game. I missed the deadline by exactly 1 day. I got on when the Karma update hit, after a very busy month just to find this out. I put in a support ticket after asking an Admin in-game what happened and all it read was a copy-paste message under the "Server Down Time -Refunds Update" to which wasn't even linked and I had to go find myself. I've yet to have an actual response back that answered my questions or clarified on any exceptions that could be made. Doesn't seem like I'm asking for the world here, but any kind of empathy would be appreciated. I know I've been fairly inactive in this community as a result of a busy life, but I've enjoyed this game for over 4 years across many accounts and to see it end here like this would suck.