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    Wagwan fellow gamers my rank is donator and i got these suggestions 1.a free daily task skip for donators and perhaps 2 for a higher rank (minibosses ree). 2.more fashionscape sets from vendors in ::dz such as silly jester set from 07 so us donators can be pimpin on those non donators so they are incentivised to spend their fortnite v buck allowance on the server instead. 3.when i try to interact with the chest next to crystal chest at dzone it says ask gio yet hes at extreme island which can confuse us donators so maybe change it to ask gio at extreme island for extra clarification. (the perk of this is not being jebaited by the chest thus saving time). 4. *EDIT* Incase the last one doesnt count as a perk how about daily donator rewards kinda like what other higher ranks get but for us plebs e.g. a daily amount of 1b tickets (i.e. 1t) or a daily ckey for example. (bonus). flask dealer still in beta smfh. thanks for reading, i'll be taking that dub now brethren (sorry fellow donators but you know i had to do it to em)