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    Username: The Infernix Rank ingame: Extreme Donator Proof: below
  2. The Infernix

    ty gud sir
  3. The Infernix

    At what point is the forum planning to register that I am now an extreme donator?
  4. The Infernix

    my problem isn't that I can't play, it's occasional DC's.
  5. The Infernix

    exe is also for mac only, but thanks for trying to help.
  6. The Infernix

    Sorry, that wasn't my intention. It wasn't supposed to come off that way at all, I have no idea how that happened. I'll go over more of the wiki when I have time.
  7. wtf is "Ragganoth Rex", lol. I'm guessing that isn't the thing's actual name. Just another wiki typo, they're everywhere. And while I'm at it: "The Epic Seers' Ring can be obtain from Dagannoth Kings and gives 5% Drop Rate bonus" Amulet of Fury is... At the moment, the price of Amulet of Fury is roughly: 1B Currently, it is dropped by the following Bosses. *BossNameGoesHere* *BossNameGoesHere* *BossNameGoesHere* Can be obtained from the following Boxes and Chest *Box-ChestNameGoesHere* *Box-ChestNameGoesHere* *Box-ChestNameGoesHere* The Arcane Stream Necklace is a very powerful but cheap magic necklace. It is super popular due to this combination of facts. ^ I realize that this technically isn't a typo, but "super popular" just feels like it should be changed to me, it seems a little informal. Finding all these typos took about 30 seconds, pretty much every page i visited had one.....
  8. The Infernix

    very nice, it's much better! Definitely a huge improvement!
  9. The Infernix

    Nice, I like it-much better than before! ATM, most of the wiki is just bad, someone should get a list of all the pages and go through them one by one. However, most in need of a rework RN, at least of what i've seen, are the equipment pages, especially the capes one. They don't even give you a general idea of the gear in the game properly. I recommend a massive overhaul, at least enough to make them useful. Sorry to sound demandy, but I don't have editing rights, which combines with my actually using the wiki to constantly annoy me at the ludicrous amount of ridiculous errors found there. At the risk of sounding rude, some of the pages look like they were procreated during a game of "Smash Head On Keyboard"
  10. The Infernix "This monster is from the barrows gloves minigame found in edgevill. Just bring a fast hitting weopen and you will kill this monster no problem" That is literally the entire content of that page. Somebody should at least fix the typos(I don't have permission)
  11. The Infernix the wiki page says it has no stats, than shows a stat table that shows +100 crush attack and +90 prayer. It also says it's dropped by nothing, but the corporeal beast page says corp drops it. ???????
  12. The Infernix

    Two things: Firstly, I stretched the client to fit my entire computer screen, and now I can't make it smaller other than by going into fixed mode, which isn't crippling, but is defenitely annoying, and secondly,as well as more importantly, I can't really use the AFK zone overnight, as I DC and stop chopping. I was told getting the launcher would fix this, but I'm on mac, and both launchers are for windows..... Just a thought, but mac, or at least universal launcher please?