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    My drops xD
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    I think a raids section on the main page would be benefitial.
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    IRONMAN WIZARD GUIDE Rsps Victor GAME MODE INFORMATION - SLOWER EXP RATES - 25% DROP RATE BONUS - CAN'T TRADE, CAN'T USE POS - CAN'T REMOVE IRONMAN STATUS CREATING THE ACCOUNT Upon logging in for the first time, you'll be asked to choose your game mode. Make sure you select ironman and then click confirm selection. After that you'll be asked to customize your character. Do that and hit accept. The last step before you can start playing is setting up a pin. After you type the pin twice you'll be asked if you want to skip the tutorial. I recommend that you choose yes. STARTING OUT You'll start with 3 mystery boxes. Open that and if you're lucky you can get an assault rifle or ice katana. You'll also notice the starter tasks at the top of your screen. Do all the tasks just so you can remove it from your screen. After you're done with the starter tasks, head over to ::mbox and start killing penguins. Loot all penguin bones, mboxes, ckeys and DScoins. Use all penguin bones on the altar at ::edge Open all mboxes as soon as you get them. You can get some decent starter stuff from it, like for example: - flame torva/pernix - dragonbone mage - ice katana - assault rifle - white glass wings - dream wing boots - double exp rings - mystery box pet You want to kill penguins until you get a Penguin Staff (U). This will be your first AoE weapon. THE GRIND BEGINS Now that you have an AoE weapon it's time to start doing arcade. You can either do it solo or find someone overpowered to duo with you. What you're looking to get here is the Oblivion Scythe and the Aqua Spirit Shield. You can get only the scythe and come back for the shield later if you want, but the scythe is essential. You'll need 100k arcade tokens for the scythe and 50k arcade tokens for the shield. Expect to be here for a while 😛 BLIZZARD SET Now that you have a decent weapon and shield, you need a decent set. You can get the blizzard set from Icy Skeletons, which can be found under boss teleports. VOTING If you've been voting every 12 hours you should have enough tickets by now to buy a ring of wealth (i) and an american boxing gloves. They cost 10 vote tickets each. ENTERING THE WILDERNESS You've got a pretty decent set-up so far, but there are still improvements to be made. Now we'll be killing Revenants in the wilderness. Don't worry tho, you don't lose any items if you die. You want to kill revs until you get tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 emblems, and then you want to trade those emblems for points and start over. Every tier 1,2 and 3 you exchange you get 1600 pk points. What you're looking to get here is (in order): - Collectors necklace (12k pts) - Avery's ring (25k pts) - Donator ticket (9k pts) - Khiones staff (25k pts) You want to get several Khiones Staff and try to upgrade it into eternal khiones staff at ::upgrade. NICE SHOES You got a really op set-up by now, but you have no boots. To fix this problem we'll be killing Olafs until we get a seer's boots. Olaf can be found under boss teleports. RAIDS It's time to start raiding!!! We'll be doing 2 main raids: Voldemort and Vendura. From voldemort you want to get the Dream Mage Set. From vendura you want to get the Avery's Ring (I) GOOD LUCK! By now you should know enough about the game to be able to make your own path. I recommend that now you work on getting a Ranged and a Melee set-up, but that's up to you. Thank you for reading my guide and don't hesitate to PM me in-game if you're lost!
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    Will there be a season 6?
  5. Rsps Victor

    Thanks for this, really helpful and informative guide.
  6. Rsps Victor

    I would be forever grateful if anyone creates a guide for progressing from mid game to end game. For example, I have an eternal khiones staff along with a blizzard set and a collector's necklace/row(i), and I have no idea how to progress any further into the game. The next big upgrade for me I guess would be the infinity gauntlet (charged) and space virtus set, but both of these things are 20 times more expensive than my current gear. I used to make money by doing arcade or revs, but they raised the price of dynamic boxes to 20k arcade tokens, and they also raised the price of tactical boxes to 6k pk points. Both arcade and revenants doesn't seem to be worth it anymore, so I usually find myself killing penguins for xebos invitations (which is super boring). How would you guys go about progressing further into the game? Please make a guide for mid-game players
  7. Rsps Victor

    Hey murdex, welcome to #DSGANG If you're feeling lost in-game feel free to pm me and i'll guide you through the game
  8. Who won the Bug event? 🤔

  9. Rsps Victor

    Keep posting!
  10. Rsps Victor

    Absolutely insane! please keep posting updates 😛
  11. Rsps Victor

    There is no secret. Donate for bank
  12. Rsps Victor

    My vote goes to scapeher0, very helpful guy
  13. Meh, my competitive account was turned into an ironman account, not a regular account 😞
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    Username: RSPS Victor Rank: Extreme Proof:
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    BUGS 1. Sometimes when i try to add an item to my POS nothing happens. Like, I digit the amount of DS coins, press enter and the item is still in my inventory. Relogging fix this problem, but it shouldn't happen in the first place. 2. You can send private messages to offline players. 3. A lot of items have weird inventory sprites, which makes the game look unprofessional. There are several tools online that can help you get the right rotation for an item. 4. Sometimes I leave my character cutting trees at ::afk while i'm doing other things, and when I come back my character is not actually chopping the tree. 5. A lot of items don't have a price or have outdated prices QUALITY OF LIFE 1. Implement a ::voted command instead of having to type the auth codes manually 2. Make the home area smaller. Banks and shops are far away from the home teleport. Not everyone has the ::bank command. IMPROVEMENT 1. I like the idea of having a world boss that can be spawned at any time by using a consumable item. The consumable item that spawns the boss could be dropped by all monsters in the Executive zone. Executive players that gets this item as a drop can either sell it for money or spawn the boss for everyone to enjoy. Everyone that deals at least 1 damage to the boss gets a roll in the boss drop table. Top 5 damage gets 2 rolls on the boss drop table. I believe this would be a really cool update, and would bring the community together. Would be nice to see 50+ players fighting the same boss.
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