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    BUGS 1. Sometimes when i try to add an item to my POS nothing happens. Like, I digit the amount of DS coins, press enter and the item is still in my inventory. Relogging fix this problem, but it shouldn't happen in the first place. 2. You can send private messages to offline players. 3. A lot of items have weird inventory sprites, which makes the game look unprofessional. There are several tools online that can help you get the right rotation for an item. 4. Sometimes I leave my character cutting trees at ::afk while i'm doing other things, and when I come back my character is not actually chopping the tree. 5. A lot of items don't have a price or have outdated prices QUALITY OF LIFE 1. Implement a ::voted command instead of having to type the auth codes manually 2. Make the home area smaller. Banks and shops are far away from the home teleport. Not everyone has the ::bank command. IMPROVEMENT 1. I like the idea of having a world boss that can be spawned at any time by using a consumable item. The consumable item that spawns the boss could be dropped by all monsters in the Executive zone. Executive players that gets this item as a drop can either sell it for money or spawn the boss for everyone to enjoy. Everyone that deals at least 1 damage to the boss gets a roll in the boss drop table. Top 5 damage gets 2 rolls on the boss drop table. I believe this would be a really cool update, and would bring the community together. Would be nice to see 50+ players fighting the same boss.
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    how tf you got 5k event boxes xd