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  1. Every week I am going to post a brand-new set of super Exclusive VIP deal that is valid for 7 days only! I want you to get the best possible reward for your donation and this is the way! These deals are limited to a one week period and will NEVER be repeated again. If you miss out on the deal - do not pm a member of staff asking for it... it will not be given again. This deal does not stack with any other donation deals. Without Further ado: ! WERWG'S WEEKLY DEALS ! 14/07/2019 - 21/07/2019 See ::deals in game for exact time Please note: these deals do not stack! Range Set Owner cape DEAL!!! !Donate for Owner cape! GET: Devious Set + BFG9000 + BFG Offhand That's $850 worth of items For FREE! MAGE SET EXECUTIVE CAPE DEAL !DONATE FOR EXECUTIVE CAPE! Get: Space Virtus + Charged infinity gauntlets That's $1000 worth of items For FREE! This deal will NEVER be repeated. Don't miss out! If you miss out on the deal - do not pm a member of staff asking for it... it will not be given again. For more information on this AMAZING offer Pm any Admin in-game to get hooked up with this BRAND NEW deal of the week! DON'T miss out.
  2. Werwg

    anyways here my dude! it's what DS is about! we are here for all of the players and we would like to ensure you all are always having a smooth ride 😄
  3. disc: connor#0773 ingame: werwg but participated on 'op alt'
  4. Only staff in discord rn ty for your help

  5. i will try my best! ingame: werwg disc: Connor#0773
  6. Werwg

    good luck all!
  7. what an awesome update! always bringing out the best! regards, Connor - werwg
  8. Will try again to be there! I'm super keen! Its rather hard as this is 12am my time 😄 ingame name - werwg Disc - Connor#0773 Regards, Connor / Werwg
  9. Werwg

    The rules are something that everyone should abide by, great little update to the rules and well said guys! Regards, Connor
  10. Werwg

    damn! i think we all are wishing that we were platinum partners! awesome work guys!
  11. very nice update! keep up the good work! kind regards, Werwg
  12. Werwg

    Woo goooo canada! Hope to see you in aus this week!
  13. Best of luck to all! Get in and choose your number before someone else does!
  14. will try my best to be there! ingame name - werwg discord - Connor#0773