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  1. it'll be 3am my time but i will try my best! might have to go to bed at 7pm and set an alarm for it hehe. in game name: werwg discord: Connor#0773
  2. connor - werwg

    awesome guide dude!
  3. connor - werwg

    ummm, im usually in there sometime between 2 and 10pm (gmt +10). so australian time.
  4. connor - werwg

    soccer (left back), rugby league (fullback), rugby union, gym. pre much a lover of all sports!!!
  5. connor - werwg

    congrats dude! first one that i have ever seen!!!!
  6. connor - werwg

    i live in Australia brother
  7. connor - werwg

    hey guys! lately ive been chillin in disc for a few hrs at a time! would be cool to see some new names in there and have a chat with you all! good way to get to know everyone. thanks! werwg
  8. connor - werwg

    i second this! been here for a lil bit now and the server is only going up! love it
  9. connor - werwg

    some of u should listen to - chillinit and kerser. in my opinion they are pre good aussie rappers
  10. connor - werwg

    i second this question! bloody awesome sport
  11. connor - werwg

    how tall are you
  12. connor - werwg

    I'm actually half kiwi and half australian! im proud to be aussie/ kiwi as most of us are inviting and genuinely friendly people! (live in aus - brisbane)
  13. connor - werwg

    i do see where you are coming from with the eks and ks. there should be something to determine the difference. i'd say at the moment it isn't really a priority buy definitely could be something mentioned in the future vouch
  14. connor - werwg

    bro i definitely think this too, like i give it a vouch. although you can listen to youtube and im not 100% sure but i think a normal ranked player can join the music bot into the channel they are in. just type in the music channel '!join' and the bot should join. :) if thats not the case just let me know