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  1. Haven't seen our newest DS EXCLUSIVE BUNDLES? check out ::thread 25444 and pm me for details!  #DSGANG

  2. Australia

    I like this suggestion but I feel like it could be built on more
  3. Australia

    Some super sexy deals in there!
  4. Australia

    congrats to all promos and kind regards to all that have left us!
  5. Australia

  6. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! #DSGANG


  7. Australia

    Keeping consistent I like that!
  8. Australia

    I like this! I do get alot of ironman players asking me "how do i progress".... maybe we should look into some kind of new features or even revamp the current things we already have! Regards
  9. jliW8zW.gif Vaider

    "Is Winter over yet lol "
    pff is summer over yet 
    1. Vaider


      You can have my winter and I'll take your summer lol 

    2. Craftys


      I wish it was summer. 😞 I hate winter so much.

  10. Hope all is good n well in the #DSGANG!

  11. Keep your head up and knuckle down! #dsgang

  12. Free stuff is free stuff! awesome crate
  13. hope everyone is doing well!


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