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  1. Keep your head up and knuckle down! #dsgang

  2. Free stuff is free stuff! awesome crate
  3. hope everyone is doing well!


  4. Australia

    tbh! i feel like this is a good idea
  5. Remember to welcome feeds back! #DSGANG

    1. Vaider


      That was first thing I did :) Love my feeds ❤️ lol 

  6. Australia

    some awesome looking guides you've got here!
  7. Australia

    no vouch due to the comments above
  8. Australia

    such a good suggestion! i remember when PP was first added! spent countless hours there!
  9. Your limitation is only your imagination

  10. TY all for making my time here on DS worthwhile! 



  11. Australia


    lets gooooo!
  12. Australia

    keen to see how you go!
  13. Australia

    Our pleasure to have you here! welcome!
  14. Australia


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