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  1. Australia

    i love it brother. looks good as! Kind regards, Aus
  2. Australia

    ive spent 2400 hours playing w the DS gang
  3. Australia

    i love grinding for the dicezone lmao, not proud of it but it's fun
  4. Australia

    all of it my bro! best RSPS out there!
  5. What's up my gang gang!


    1. The dibber

      The dibber

      Ello ello poppet 

  6. it is what it is


    1. Willy


      We love and appreciate you and all the work you put in to make DSGang great.


  7. Australia

    thanks for the kind words homie! we will continue to try our best!
  8. Australia

    thanks homie! we appreciate you!
  9. Australia

    welcome back if you need anything surely hit one of us staff up!
  10. head up dsgang!

  11. Australia

    i disagree. white and black flowers make the game interesting. it gives it more suspense.
  12. Australia

    Not bad at all!

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