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  1. oooooooooooooooft!! that is one hella crate
  2. Hope your staying safe brother ❤️ 

  3. The dibber

    Currently on the Justiciar legs and mask grind ofcourse a sanguinetsti staff would be welcome 😛
  4. The dibber

    Well before I comment any further, Can I just say a huge thank you too all the staff and players at Dreamscape. Since I joined just over 1 year ago. I cant count on 1 hand how many days ive not logged in for over 5hour a day and this is truly down too the players and the insane content staff create for us all too enjoy. Big ups Dsgang 1year down and plenty too come!
  5. The dibber

    Ooof Joez dont be doing this too me! We had some awesome times at dicezone patrolling like the local plod out catching the big crooks with personal use haha. I'm sure you will be back at some point too say hello so ill be looking forward too that 😄 Take care my man and goodluck too your future endeavours ❤️
  6. The dibber

    Very nice detailed guide buddy thank you
  7. The dibber

    As they serve no purpose now i agree they should be removed, nothing worse than oaking blacks and busting its just a tilt flower for alot of people win or loose 😛
  8. The dibber

    Oooft not bad at all. do 5k next! 😄
  9. What a update! Looks like its Tob all night 😄
  10. The dibber

    Welcome too the gang buddy 😄
  11. The dibber

    Owner: Sperm dibber Item name(s): Sperm9000 & Dibber9000 Hidden Boosts: none Hidden Effects: 50x50 aoe Tradable: nope Do you give the wiki team permission to have the item(s) put on an account for the reasons listed above?: Yes 😄
  12. The dibber

    oooof i like this style of event! Goodluck everyone can't wait to see these outfits
  13. ooof very nice crate, Looking forward too opening them boxes forsure 😄
  14. The dibber

    very nice work buddy, one day this will apply too my account. For every 10fps i do im 95% too loose 9 out of 10 its crazy 😛
  15. The dibber

    Ayy welcome back too the gang my man

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