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  1. The dibber

    Perfect up too date ready for any new Dreamer! including me XD Thanks CJ!!
  2. The dibber

    ooof another great update ! That arcade looks Crazyyyyy
  3. The dibber

    Ooooof Cj what a guide my friend thank you for sharing this with the community im sure the DSGANG will make great use of this guide for Avengers arcade and get them farming tokens and even possibly a stone drop or even Thanos pet!! thanks once again Cj k3k3
  4. The dibber

    i didnt get entry :OO
  5. ooooof some nice ones in there boys
  6. ign: Sperm dibber discord: the dibber
  7. Hopefully im still awake buddy haha ign: sperm dibber Discord: the dibber
  8. The dibber

    ooof hopefully get myself a drop this week or two XD
  9. Hopefully be home from work 😄 ingame name: sperm dibber discord: the dibber gll all 😄
  10. The dibber

    Ive not noticed any myself with my corp but ill keep my eye out awesome max for bfg XD
  11. Oooof looking good the ds weps and armour
  12. Oooo looking forward to this :D in-game name : sperm dibber UTC +0 UK time :D GL all :D timezone - UTC _0