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  1. The dibber

    Ooooo looking insane them bfgs! And the elo increase is a nice bonus Thanks once again Dsteam!
  2. Looking gooood 😄 And a new arcade for us looks fun and that cape looks juicyyy 😄
  3. The dibber

    Goodluck everyone can I have number 8 , 11, 23 , 26 , 32 and 48 please Bodhi
  4. The dibber

  5. The dibber

    Good luck everyone Can I get number 24 please Bodhi 😄
  6. Ing : sperm dibber 😄
  7. The dibber

    ohhh Snapppp!!!!! what a update Dsgang Something for everyone right here 😄
  8. Another insane update from the Dsteam! thanks the boys 😄
  9. The dibber

    Thats insane!! no better time to get that emp ring + INSANE EXTRAS guys jeez!
  10. The dibber

    Im honoured be nominated for this Thank you very much everyone who nominated and vote's for me 😄
  11. The dibber

    Scavenger skill is a awesome skill added just that scavenger buy shop could do with some more juicy loots to buy 😄
  12. The dibber

    @Garman0 yes the server is currently still down. Sit tight buddy hopefully be soon
  13. The dibber

    IGN- Sperm dibber Just to start it off Ruby rose you meanie!! corp haha thats soo mean you cant do that too Flame! 😄 Although i would love too see progress from 5k oblivion dragons its not as bad as corp cmon 😄 Gl brother looking forward to seeing your thread updated in the furture with some juicy loot
  14. The dibber

    oooof Oola what an achievement congrats on your icy from scratch! Awesome!