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  1. Another insane update from the Dsteam! thanks the boys 😄
  2. The dibber

    Thats insane!! no better time to get that emp ring + INSANE EXTRAS guys jeez!
  3. The dibber

    Im honoured be nominated for this Thank you very much everyone who nominated and vote's for me 😄
  4. The dibber

    Scavenger skill is a awesome skill added just that scavenger buy shop could do with some more juicy loots to buy 😄
  5. The dibber

    @Garman0 yes the server is currently still down. Sit tight buddy hopefully be soon
  6. The dibber

    IGN- Sperm dibber Just to start it off Ruby rose you meanie!! corp haha thats soo mean you cant do that too Flame! 😄 Although i would love too see progress from 5k oblivion dragons its not as bad as corp cmon 😄 Gl brother looking forward to seeing your thread updated in the furture with some juicy loot
  7. The dibber

    oooof Oola what an achievement congrats on your icy from scratch! Awesome!
  8. The dibber

    Perfect up too date ready for any new Dreamer! including me XD Thanks CJ!!
  9. The dibber

    ooof another great update ! That arcade looks Crazyyyyy
  10. The dibber

    Ooooof Cj what a guide my friend thank you for sharing this with the community im sure the DSGANG will make great use of this guide for Avengers arcade and get them farming tokens and even possibly a stone drop or even Thanos pet!! thanks once again Cj k3k3
  11. The dibber

    i didnt get entry :OO
  12. ooooof some nice ones in there boys
  13. ign: Sperm dibber discord: the dibber
  14. Hopefully im still awake buddy haha ign: sperm dibber Discord: the dibber
  15. The dibber

    ooof hopefully get myself a drop this week or two XD