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  1. ooof very nice crate, Looking forward too opening them boxes forsure 😄
  2. The dibber

    very nice work buddy, one day this will apply too my account. For every 10fps i do im 95% too loose 9 out of 10 its crazy 😛
  3. The dibber

    Ayy welcome back too the gang my man
  4. The dibber

    gzz everyone thanks for all the votes
  5. The dibber

    This would be nice too see ingame, it would be nice for it too only place announced items in your invent and other loots into your bank
  6. The dibber

    goodluck everyone
  7. The dibber

    I started back in November 2018 but only played for a few hours, returned in feb 2019 and played everyday since
  8. The dibber

    Ayy thanks Chuck and the gang
  9. The dibber

    Welcome too the ds fourms bud
  10. The dibber

    My favourite set currently is the Toxic Torva set 😛
  11. The dibber

    Skotizo is currently broken from my experience, I cant say for everyone so just make sure when you kill the boss you get a npc kill for it because currently i don't, resulting in no drops.
  12. Oh yes new raid looks dope! And ofcourse all the patches are much needed 😄
  13. The dibber

    A very welcome detailed guide for enraged bud very very nice.
  14. The dibber

    Ayy welcome back too DS !

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