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  1. will be there again always love the events you host! IGN: jakeproud3 Discord: Jakegee#3899
  2. i will be there as always. IGN: jakeproud3 Discord: jakegee#3899
  3. jakeproudness1

    The lucky items need a revamp since many items are not listed. Great idea/post!
  4. jakeproudness1

    1: for extreme donor a revenant cave since it is always packed 2: make the mini bosses in the super area spawn faster or more spawns 3: add something in extreme point shop that will be good for a 'high' point cost which makes grinding for it not worth it but once you grind in the area you will eventually get it
  5. jakeproudness1

  6. jakeproudness1

  7. IGN: jakeproud2 UTC +1