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  1. Congratulations guys!! Well deserved.
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    Thanks man I appreciate it.
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    Thanks for supporting Thanks for your input maybe I should put a little more thinking into the raid suggestion, something benefit all players.
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    Good Morning (10AM here in Eastern USA) to all you active users of Dream Scape forums, Here's a list of suggestions I had bottled up in my head for quite some time. Needed time to gather all of them up and please let me know what you guys thing about them. I also added some suggestions for Donator, Super Donator, Extreme Donator under the "PIMP MY RANK EVENT!" in the event section of the forums. - Update all shops across the server, a lot of the shops have the same exact rewards, I honestly think they should be different so players would have more to do. - Add a notes button to client - Add Quests for all play modes- Normal mode 5 quests, Hardcore mode 5 quests, Ironman mode 8 quests. All should have different decent rewards. The ability for normal players to switch to Hardcore once they've finished all quests and have gotten all 99's, the ability to change to Hardcore will cost them a stat reset and 1q. Now once he or she changes to Hardcore, the ability to change into Ironman once all the quests have been completed and 10 skills on 99, the charge for that will be stat reset and 5q, once he or she changes to Ironman, the ability to change back to Normal but not back to Hardcore, after he or she completes all the quests and have gotten 7 skills on 99 (Combat Skills). NOTE: That normal player should be allowed to be changed to Hardcore mode if he or she wishes once they've prestiged 2 times in Normal mode. NOTE: Did not include Competitive because they're competing for different prizes. - Add a PK area where people can go skilling for double XP (with 2xp ring will be 4xp) but there's a catch.. PK and Item drop is enabled here, so skill at your own risk. - Make Mboxes and crystal keys more useful, NOTE: Remove them off NPC shops to balance them out if you guys decide to make them more valuable. - Spice up minigame rewards across the board, make them more catchy by adding customs for prizes. Giving players more than one way of gaining good gear besides donating or bossing, a lot of the minigame rewards are dead content due to this server being a custom server. - Raids should be a lot harder like Theater of Blood, and a chance for 1 party member to be guaranteed a rare drop. NOTE: Rare drop should be completely random and not based on DR, DDB, or LB due to people having all sorts of DR and you don't want that OP player getting all that drops every single match. - Ability to open Gear Viewer in all Donor areas. - Ability for people to buy squeal of fortune spins. - Add customs gloves for each skill that give double XP for a certain amount of time like 20 mins or so. - Update prestige shop due to all those items being useless because players can obtain them mainly from drops really easy. This makes the prestige shop and system useless and players have nothing to look forward to. I take constructive criticism, I understand I'm not perfect and I don't know the server 100% yet, but I hope these suggestions get taken seriously (not saying you guys don't take players seriously). Respectfully, Sklz.
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    Here are my suggestions: -Donator- 1.Expand Zone, way too small. Donators would like somewhere they can chill and skill away from regular players. 2.Add a mini skilling area (certain skills such as WC, Fishing and RC)- attention grabber 3.Update Donor Shop, too many cosmetics. 4.Add Hunter skill in zone- Raise the sale prices of impling jars to NPCs so donators would have a money making method. -Super Donator- 1.Expand Zone- there's nothing in there but a shop. 2.Add Agility courses, Dungeoneering NPCs, Thieving stalls and Farming patches- attention grabber (basically a good reason to obtain Super Donator) 3.Intergade the super dungeon inside this zone. Update and make that donator point shop a bit more affordable. When people see high prices like those, shops become dead content. -Extreme Donator- 1.Update Extreme Donator Shop with useful items. 2.Add slayer NPC's to the area so you don't have to teleport everywhere to get to the mobs.- attention grabber 3.Add Low level trees, more fishing spots, and more mining rocks along with a skilling shop ( gain points while skilling in this area)
  7. Thanks Glitchy :) Hey! thanks man :)
  8. Thanks Cue, I play in the shadows. Lololo im USA -5 EST time probably big factor, and I if I need help ill for sure pm.
  9. Thanks will do. Cya in-game Thanks a lot
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  11. I had my in-game account for a long time and used to play on and off, never had a forums account 😞 here's my introduction . IG Name: Sklz Age: 26 father of 2 and married Hobbies: Usually I play Runescape, Fortnite (PS4), Skyrim, Diablo and all sorts of RPG games, workout, work on cars (mechanically). My job is Ejection Seat mechanic for fighter jets (USMC) been in for a while, currently working on my Cyber Security bachelor's degree. Hoping to stick around for a while due to the fact that I like this server. I got some good suggestions coming up, just have to gather my thoughts correctly.