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    good idea!
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    What is the content called so i was thinking about some kind of 9-14 player huge "shrek raid" How does it work? basically like other raids, but a little bit bigger with more people and some more boss HP than usual. you will enter a swamp and have to search for him and then he will yell: what are you doing in my swamp and raid starts. What rewards does it give? how about some new custom drops and existing drops ideas for custom drops: shrek ring that turns u into shrek donkey pet(either cosmetic or with value) existing drops are discussable How will it benefit server/players? new content in raid form that wasnt there before, bigger raid so more people can get drops instead of 3 in normal raidHow could it be expanded in the future? it could be expanded by adding more (custom) drops, or reward boxesWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) just another raid. if the drop rates are good i dont see any negative effects. just a chance of more cosmetic/customs to be won and a whole expandable world of new content
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    big YES from me! damn im so annoyed by my and other people's pets!
  4. po0ned str99

    yes alot has to be added to the scavenger sell shop, but also some things have to be added to the "buying" shop. because right now there isnt reallly anything i need or want from it, and its also a little overpriced tbh
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    i think some items should be sellable/tradeable ive opened a few easters boxes now, and im now on my second acidic spirit shield its a pretty exclusive item but when u got more than one it has no use at all. if there is nothing you need from upgrade shop, you are stuck with expensive items that are untradeable and unsellable.